What do you drink for a great breakfast?

T Rkan J.
I like to drink milk for a good breakfast. I like the cold feeling in my throat and how the milk makes me feel stronger.

Michelle J.
Slim Fast strawberry. Don't laugh! It's a MEAL replacer not just protein. And it is low in sugar. An oldie but a goodie! Add a piece of fruit or veg for fiber.

Marius W.
You can drink a helthy juice.
Eg: Apple, Grapes, Orange, Pineapple, Berry Juices, etc.

Or you can even drink A glass of Milk🥛

Luna N.
It kinda depends on what I feel like. Some days I like to have a big smoothie with a bunch of fruit and oat milk, and on days I don’t feel like having a smoothie, I’ll drink a glass of orange juice because it is high on vitamin c

Mariele S.
A great breakfast… Is one of the things I haven't been doing so good with. Especially since BEFORE fabulous I wasn't even eating breakfast. So now, a great breakfast is literally anything I eat before 11 o'clock.

Lo C Z.
As a pakistani, I would always go for a paratha but as I grew older, I realized that its too heavy for me. Anyways I don't have anything specific for breakfast as I still barely do breakfast.

Hip Lito Q.
I usually go for a simple coffee and a glass of water. I drink other stuff later in the day, but that's what I start off with.

Natalja F.
I usually drink a cup of milk with nesquik, but it happens that my father or my mother makes me some orange juice. honestly I prefer it but it doesn't happen often that I drink it