What helps you stay motivated??

Jessie Z.
Both short and long term goals. My morning coffee after yoga. Going through the day knowing I've accomplished something awesome already. Seeing weekly improvements. In the long term I can see how to keep building on top of these habits to support other things I want to do in my day.
Austrelino Q.
A specific goal with a specific outcome that I believe I can achieve is important. Shorter term goals are more motivating than long term goals. I also need a lot of positive reinforcement – I do not react well to negative reinforcement. Consequences without judgement can also help.
Emily U.
Results, results, results!!! It takes time to see results but once you are consistent and dedicated to the cause, results will follow. I have come to realize that becoming and staying healthy is a daily commitment just like job but more fun. Oh, and sometimes it may not be the pounds that fall off but clothes may fit better, you select healthier foods, and you feel better overall.
Myrtle A.
The thing that helps me to stay motivated is actually if this app works without any problems and you guys, the creators, update it and add new (free) features.
William B.
I want to live a healthier happier life, I want to be able to have myself set in a routine before I have kids. Because if I would change my life for my children when they come, then why not do it for myself now and then I won’t have to later when I’m ready
Soan Z.
Having done tracking to keep me honest – although if I miss too often I give up rather than say 'come on stop ffff around and sort yourself out'.
Having someone else help hold me accountable helps.
If I'm enjoying the thing I get more into it
Elouan Y.
My kids. All 3 of them. I want to be present for the as long as I can be. To be present for them I need to stay healthy, listen to their wants, provide for three needs, and be kind and gentle to myself.
Avery U.
I have a strong WHY to what I'm doing. That helps me when I don't 'feel like' doing and it is a very strong motivator to get back on track.
I'm not figid in my doing. Whether I did everything or not, I am kind to myself andfocus on doing better next time.
If I am short in time or need to be there for someone else, it is easy to find a way..
Juliete S.
Understanding, that good start provides a productive day. Remembering about great feelings after finishing all routine actions.
Bettina Y.
Feeling greater energy, accomplishment, the feeling that I’ve done my best instead of half assing it, better sleep, better mood.
Lea C.
Een gezond leven is belangrijk voor me. Ik vind het leuk om dit soort doelen te stellen en mezelf hierin te ontwikkelen. Ik krijg er veel energie van.
Valerie U.
Whats motivating me is life. I want to live long enough to see my grandchildren and for that i have to stay healthy and have good habits. I also want to see my nieces grow up to be wonderful people.
George Y.
Don't think about the motivation. The best way for you to stay on track is explaining to yourself that this is the normal life.
N Dia Z.
To help me to stay motivated I think about why I want to do something and what I want to achieve from doing it. Visualizing that something is already done and seeing myself succeeding in it also helps a great deal. I hope this has helped you. Stay Fabulous 😊
Billy J.
I need to feel inspired to stay motivated and I'm not sure I know how to create that feeling. Often it's a new experience or the rediscovery of an old one that will inspire me.

It's clear to me that there is little in my genetic makeup naturally orienting me towards ritualised self-discipline, and that once inspiration has gone (usually after a couple of months) I will flounder on my habits.

Aymeric E.
The feeling of regret.It just makes me feel so bad if I haven’t done something like workout, drink my water or take my medicine. At the end if you continue it’ll become your habit and you’ll do it atomatically.It’s a great feeling having healthy habits and a positive routine.It clears your mind and timeline
Ludmila Q.
Music definitely, it makes me feel happy and ready to do anything! Also, having a routine like Fabulous, because I feel like I've got a goal to reach and that I can achieve it
Mabel E.
I think I am motivated when I do something successfully. Thisbhowevernis not alseqys healthy as it also triggers the fearbof failure in me. That's why I would say a good start to the mornin is a better motivator for me.
Luke E.
Taking baby steps. It takes time to build a lasting routine… if you fall short one day don’t see it as a failure but mearly tell yourself I will do better tomorrow.

Consistency is key and even the best of us trip up from time to time. That’s life! Just celebrate what you did accomplish instead of focusing on what you did ‘t complete.

Maureen S.
I try to think of the long-term effect of the little changes I'm making today. It helps when I use single words or short phrases for goals so I can easily bring them to mind whenever I need inspiration.
Ralph P.
Reminders are super helpful, especially when they tell me why I'm doing something as well as what I need to do. And breaking things down into and steps.
Tracy N.
Honestly it ebbs and flows. I struggle with Bipolar 2 – some days I am very low and have trouble finding my motivation – other days I am very high (manic) and struggle to find focus with all that energy. Keeping a journal – even just a graphic smiley face or sad face to represent how I was feeling – helps me track my moods and plan my to dos accordingly. I also set timers, reminders, and limits. I don’t allow myself too much time on social media – an hour a day. I have accountability partners in my sister, my parents, and my friends. I’m working with a coach to make sure I’m setting a clear vision and moving forward to achieve it strategically. I don’t hide from myself anymore – for better or worse, however I am feeling – I face it, document it, and accomplish at least one thing daily, even if that’s only walking my dog and cooking dinner. Give yourself credit for the smallest of wins.
Everett P.
To be absolutely honest I have been sooo demotivated recently 🤦🏽‍♀️ but saying this I have managed to continue with my habits on Fabulous because I know it will lead to a better life ultimately this is one of my goals so even when you don’t feel like doing anything or if it takes everything within you to do something do it, even if it’s 5 mins of meditation do it! A little progress is better than non at all. You’ve got this, don’t forget it 😊❤️👍🏼💪🏼
Sue P.
I think for me harmony is the best motivation. I want everyone to be happy and I'm more likely to achieve that if my life and energy is under control.
Kitty O.
I want to live my life richly and fully. I value my body and my physical health and want to establish the mindsets and behaviors that improve and maintain my well-being.
Cameron U.
Thinking about how I'm going to be in a short and medium future. Knowing that all of us have a limited time to live, a limited time in our 20s, like me. Every day I don't effort in make a progress, it's one more day I'm not who I would like to be.
Reinhild S.
I like to chec things off. So checking off the action each day is fun for me. I don’t want to lie to myself so I have to do the action in order to check it off.
Karl U.
Well I have few motivating factors, first one would be that recently I have undergone some health issues that helped me realize that it's time for a change for me to start living more healthier and meaningful life.
Second is that I have been doing this for a while now and it feels good knowing that my days are not so empty anymore and that I am building strong and healthy habits and I dont want to let myself down by stopping now.
Aur Lia P.
Seeing results! The feeling of getting something accomplished makes me want to do it more. The first day of a new habit is the WORST, since you have to force yourself to try something new.
Dinis P.
The accountability group we formed with some other users is primarily what keeps me motivated. My motivation ebbs and flows, so it’s good to have that constant support of like-minded individuals to keep me on my path.
Klaus Dieter X.
Getting over drpression, having something to wake up for every morning. My motivation is something I struggle with on a weekly basis, it seems it slows down until the end of the week. I am always bery motivated to begin something, whatever small ptoject. But I almost always find myself in the position of quitting it and never get to an end (or make it into a routine). The beginning is always excited, I am always fully committed, but I lose the energy and the motivation on the way. I guess the end doesn't motivate me.
Nils Q.
I stay motivated by periodically checking in with how I am feeling. I feel great when I stick to certain plans, like eating whole foods (especially vegetables). When I get lax in good habits, I usually feel it with how my body is feeling or if mentally and emotionally I start feeling stressed for no reason. This isn't to say I don't give myself wiggle room. I'm not so rigid that I beat myself up because that doesn't help!
Everett Y.
It's not easy. I used to think material things helped, like buying something new on Sunday as a motivation to go to work on Monday or eating chocolate while watching TV after dinner. But material things and snacks do not help at all. It was just a way to spend money, get frustrated because there wasn't room to store what I bought or I would never use it. And the snacks just got me fat and kept me awake at night. So now I practice gratitude, do a 7 minute workout, have breathing routines every day to help me focus and feel better about myself, both inside and out. Feeling better everyday is what motivates me to go on with the routines. Feeling in control of my life, that I am independent and worthy, that my feelings are nothing to be ashamed of is what motivates me to love myself more every day
Diocl Cia Y.
the feeling of self improvement, declination of anxiety, easiness of completion, anxiety and fear (though I think this is not a good reason for doing things)
what I'm demotivated the most is the feeling that I'm incapable to complete things that I decided to do and then I easily throw away goals. I know sets of goals in fabulous are created based on sciences, but I sometimes find those small-step goals difficult for me.