What’s your favorite breakfast?

Lloyd O.
Honey on toast or with bananas is good. I also love oatmeal, donuts, pancakes, fruit, all kinds of cereals (lucky charms are really good!) and I love having coffee too!

Ruben O.
Oatmeal. That is my go to. I have about 6 oatmeal recipes saved and I switch them up week to week. I'm currently eating a healthier version of Quakers peaches and cream oatmeal. It is full of good fat, protein and fiber

Justine Q.
Since I’m only in high school, I tend to make some eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast, paired with yoghurt or cereal when I have time.

Jen I.
So far, for the breakfast challenge, I have been making eggs and toast, or eggs on toast, with fruit and tea. It's going to be hard to refrain from things line pancakes, waffles, muffins, but I want to be good, and I do like what I'm making. I just need to like, detox from sugar.

Ma Lia F.
It depends how much time I have, it varies a lot. For a while I made overnight oats with blueberries, soy or almond milk, chia seeds and protein powder. That felt like a very healthy and organised breakfast. If I'm super rushed just a protein shake will do (or I skip it). On days at home o love avocado or peanut butter on sourdough bread. How about you?

Enzo S.
Sometimes I like eggs, toast and a little fruit. Lately I have been preparing a big bowl of overnight grains with coconut oil and nut milk once a week and having that for breakfast.

Heino M.
I love to have a fruit bowl with seeds and nuts on the top. I blend mango, kiwi, apple, cranberries and some other fruits…. to thick puree, sprinkle some chia or flax seeds, some pumpkin seeds and some crushed almonds on the top.
The antioxidants, carbs, fiber and vitamins works as a charm.
It makes me feel full and light and satisfied.
Sometimes I make it in excess just to freeze some popsicles for the day.

Lily J.
My favorite breakfast is oatmeal in yoghurt, with flaxseed, flaxoil, cinnamon. Sometimes i add cacao or fruit. It fills my stomach for hours and i feel happy when i eat it.

Francis O.
A rich bowl of oatmeal porridge mixed with cinnamon, a big diced apple and a sliced half of a banana. When I want to treat myself I drop a teaspoon of peanut butter in the mix.

Lindaura Q.
I love a complete breakfast. Coffee and non fat milk, apple juice, scrumble eggs, toast, some fresh fruit and some biscuits…

Janette G.
If I have the time/motivation, I’ll have two eggs (maybe scrambled with carrots and green onions), or just fried, and a banana or apple. Sometimes if I’m extra hungry, I’ll have carrots and hummus or peanut butter with my fruit

Armando F.
Porridge with banana and seeds, with a squirt of agave syrup. It's fresh, warming, tasty and healthy! A great start to the day.

Humberto E.
Usually milk and cereals, plus yogurt and a good coffee too. Sometimes croissants or fresh fruit in addition to the formers.

Bertolino C.
1-2 eggs. When I am short for time I eat hard boiled with a bit of salt, a glass of water and my high quality supplements.
Sometimes I crack 2 eggs over sausage or have 2 eggs over easy and 2 turkey sausages.
I rarely have Müsli but when I do I add fresh berries (raspberry and blueberry) with almond milk.
Eggs Benedict are a treat for me. Instead of the bun I use portobello mushroom with spinach, tomato and a soft poached egg (sometimes with healthy Canadian style bacon)
On workout days I might have oatmeal with flax and hemp, I also add berries to that.

Nelson A.
Eggs, they are easy to cook and take with you. Some vegetables in addition give me a good start on the day. Also nuts and apple or smiothie

Garance O.
One of my best breakfasts (a ver complete meal) is:
Ham and vegetables omelette (2 eggs + a couple extra whites). With a small portion of yogurt w/fruit.
Eggs will keep me satisfied and hunger free for several hours, vegetables give me minerals and vitamins and the sweetness in the yogurt/fruit makes me feel I’m even having desert with my breakfast 🙂

Erica S.
I have a couple of favorite breakfasts. One is mangu, a Dominican dish made of mashed plantains and topped with either eggs, salami, onions, cheese, or a combination of all these. Another dish is a little more on the “basic” side, avocado anything: toast, omelette with avocado slices top, breakfast sandwiches with avocado in it, etc.

Jonas Q.
Eggs. Eggs are wonderful. They stave off hunger and are full of good things. Also they're quick and easy to make. So I'll have an omelette or poached eggs or scrambled eggs, and I usually have some sort of vegetable with it like onions, tomatoes or mushrooms.

Teresa J.
Oatmeal with a little brown sugar, granola, and raisins; boiled egg and a banana. If i want cereal, then it'll be special k protein cereal with a little cinnamon, granola, and raisins

Isabella E.
Egyptian fave beans (with olive oil, salt, pepper and cumin) and fetta cheese mixed with tomatoes (w/ olive oil and zaatar)

Veronica C.
I like a high calorie breakfast that covers the basic minerals I need for the day. I eat an egg over rice, peanut butter on whole grain toast, and fiber one cereal with bananas and milk. Sometimes I'll add a yogurt parfait with blueberries, strawberries, and nuts if I know it will be a highcompact day or a long time until my next meal.

Theresa U.
My favorite breakfast has to include eggs and potatoes, I love savory meals for breakfast rather than a sweet one. On the week days I usually don’t have enough time to make myself eggs and potatoes so I have coffee and oatmeal or fruit

Baptista S.
Anything with carbs haha! I love having avocado toast and topping it with anything else exciting in fridge. And tons of nutritional yeast, a little bit of salt. I love biting into that bread in the morning and it keeps me nice and full 😋

Sofia P.
Power Yogurt!
Fat-free Greek yogurt
Berries(usually defrosted frozen)
Chia seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Chopped almonds
Bit of honey
Pinch of salt
Cocoa nibs
Pomegranate seeds if I have them

Yum! And I am satisfied for hours

Alix Z.
Oatmeal. A teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of cinnamon gives it a bit of flavor. Or a bit of peanut butter mixed in. Mmmmm.

Helen Q.
My favorite breakfast is fried eggs. I like to have bacon with them so I can dip it in the yoke. I like my fried eggs runny. Fried eggs are a very special treat for me. I like any eggs.

Lory P.
I always enjoy some scrambled eggs, followed with oatmeal (fruit) added or said packet, followed with some Greek yogurt.
And as a plus some bulletproof coffee

Marjan E.
3 eggs for calories, fat, and protein. Half a cup of blueberries. Half a banana. It gives me the perfect “full” feeling.

Laura E.
Homemade sausage and fresh berries and black coffee! I have been doing the Whole30 on and off for 3 years and this has become my gold standard for breakfast. Making the sausage is super easy. The recipe is in the Whole30 book under “Bangers and Sweet Potato Mash”. It has sage, thyme, garlic and onion powder, a pinch of cayenne and nutmeg, salt and pepper, and fresh lemon zest. I love it!!! And it sets me up for energy for at least four to six hours. 😍

Maciel S.
My favorite breakfast consists of two eggs over medium, two microwaved breakfast sausage patties, and high-fat keto coffee (consisting of Starbucks Pike Place, 3 tablespoons of heavy cream, 1 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of MCT oil, oh, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and a sprinkle of ginger.

Riley S.
One like my grandma's. Fresh bread, plenty of toppings like cheese spread and houmous, yaya, fruit, salad and a cup of tea. And also the time to eat it.

Dolores T.
Recently my favorite breakfast has been something cold, like coconut and vanilla chia pudding with fresh fruit and berries.

Ala Des C.
A scrambled egg always leaves me feeling good for hours. It has taken me 50 years to discover less is more in my diet. When i eat breads or fruits, i end up hungry before lunch, which makes me edgy and unproductive. My husband has shown me how to make the egg special. I use real lard or butter&oil mix in the cast iron pan. I scramble a fresh egg or add a drop of water to a store-bought egg. Sometimes I add a little color or texture such as leftover spinach, or herbs from the garden, grated carrots & garlic in the oil, or grated parmesan on top.

Angel O.
I like to eat granola with some milk,but I’m trying to cut of dairy as much as I can so I usually eat an avocado toast which is great as well.

Ursula F.
I love making myself avocado on toast and scrambled eggs with cheese every morning for a protein pack breakfast with healthy fats and a small amount of carbs for that boost before the protein kicks in. But, my favorite breakfast ever is eggs benedict

Debra J.
I love to find a healthy cereal that I think tastes good. In the morning, I pour that into a bowl and add blueberries, strawberries, banana slices, and even kiwis. I love how fruit just makes it taste so amazing.

T O E.
For a quick meal, a parfait of fruit, granola, and homemade yogurt with some matcha tea. For a longer meal, I very much enjoy grain and vegetable bowls or "cowboy breakfast", a skillet hash my husband makes with potatoes, peppers, beans, and sometimes some greens. I don't care for eggs, so I have to get creative for breakfast.

Jeremy Y.
I have three favorite breakfasts. Handful of almonds and a half of an apple, two boiled eggs, or half a cup of cottage cheese and a cup of blueberries