Does anyone pre-make their breakfasts for the week?

Constance N.
No, I don’t personally because I prefer a fresh breakfast but I ensure I have everything I need for the week easily accessible.

At O C.
Yeah, one of my parents prepare some coffee for all of us, but I prepare the rest of my breakfast, like an eggs, cheese, fruits with cereals, etc.

Joanne W.
I think it's a great idea. I would love to pre-make most of my meals. I just have a hard time finding the time to come up with meal-preps, as well as often getting bored mid-week with eating the same stuff.

Ingryd Z.
Some people do. Sometimes, I will boil a bunch of eggs and have them ready to go for breakfast or snacks. You can make pancakes or breakfast burritos, wrapped them in parchment paper, freeze them and warm it up in the microwave. It is a great way to start a day with a wholesome meal that you made.

Jeanne X.
Yes, I do. I premake homemade whole wheat pancakes for the week, and each morning heat them up and have them with sunflower seed spread and honey. I keep ingredients for smoothies in the freezer.

Ayla N.
Sometimes. I find that it’s hard to do it all the time due to commitments but it’s definitely worth it if you are a busy person.

Francesco Q.
I don't at the moment, but am considering it to reduce the time spent preparing food in the morning. I used to meal prep on a Sunday and found it was useful to stick to a healthy diet and saved time during the weekdays.

Eva W.
My mom prepare breakfast for me every morning but I procrastinated it because I go straight to my work. Shall I finish my breakfast first before I work? Definitely yes!!

Al Cia A.
Absolutely! You can freeze sandwiches or burritos or I also make casseroles and divide it up into parts for the week. If I don’t have time to make them myself, there’s also some good freezer options that are a better choice for a week than drive thrus. I typically reward myself for my choices by buying out breakfast one day a week.

Tristan C.
I use to when I meal planned. If I don't have an idea of what I'm going to eat throughout the week or month, then I won't prep before hand & end up with something easy but not healthy.

Aroua S.
Sometimes yes. I prepare traditional food that can stay in the fridge for a long time,so it will help me in the early morning.

Jonas Z.
I don’t at the moment because I am working from home and find it relaxing to have some time to cook on a morning- but I think it’s really useful to make home made granola and breakfast bars during busy weeks. I haven’t tried them but mini-omelettes you can freeze always look nice.

Isabel O.
Yes I do! I have a jumbo muffin pan that makes 6 muffins and I’ll make 5-6 batches in a day and freeze the rest. I also keep frozen fruit, yogurt, honey, juice, bagels, etc.. on hand to make smoothies or have a bagel when I get sick of a muffin. I also try to have fresh fruit or oatmeal depending on what I have that morning.