What are some suggestions for an easy to make, healthy breakfast?

Sawyer O.
There are countless recipes online, it is all about finding one that suits you. I would suggest taking a hour or two to try and experiment with different recipients and
Victoria J.
Bran flakes topped with yogurt, peach and plum slices.
2 poached eggs on wholemeal toast.
Smoothie made with frozen fruit, yogurt, oats, milk and protein powder.
Scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast.
Omelette made with onions, cheese and peppers.
Sofia U.
Hi! Please keep in mind I’m not an expert in nutrition nor I am looking forward to loosing weight. These are just healthy-ish breakfasts that I enjoy.
1. Oatmeal, dark chocolate chips and milk.
I like it cold so I usually prepare it the day before and leave it on the fridge overnight. I don’t add much milk because I don’t like it but that’s up to you to decide!
2. yoghurt, strawberries and almonds.
3. Bread toast, tomatoes, ham and marjoram.

If I have breakfast but still feel hungry, having a piece of fruit is a great option.
Hope this helped, have a great day and please remember that nourishing your body should never feel like an obligation.

Baleigh U.
if i'm in a hurry i usually go for a rice cake with peanut/almond butter! if i have a bit more time i do avacado toast and an egg!!
Magalie F.
Here are some suggestions for an easy and healthy breakfast!
1. Oatmeal: its very very healthy and it takes about 5 minutes
2. Yoghurt with granola/muesli/fruits: this is very easy and healthy. The healthiest granola is from Quaker and it is in a purple bag.
3. Fruits
4. Oat pancakes
5. Oatcake
6. Eggs
Gr. Magalie💕
Betina P.
Home made food. It also makes you feel happy and comforted that someone is caring enough to make food for you. Happy is also healthy.
Emma Z.
2 over-medium Eggs, with toast. Bring in the protein in the morning. Especially the carbs. Carbs are good for you, that’s what your body runs on. So don’t skip carbs 🙂
Ruben E.
Make porridge with some berries, spices, protein powder (optional), Almond milk and chia seeds, and you have a delicious balanced brekkie for any day! Also Weetabix with milk tipped with Yogurt and seasonal fruit is a great option too 🙂
Tristan W.
You can’t add Greek yoghurt or skyr, layer with granola. I suggest 2 layers of each, and then adding frozen fruit for a 5 minute parfait. No need to leave overnight!
Elise S.
Oatmeal is my go-to! It's so easy to customize and it's very filling. I love to add chia seeds, walnuts, bananas, and peanut butter. Oatmeal paired with my morning tea and water really fills me up without leaving me sluggish and gross – like a bowl of sugary cereal.