What makes a breakfast great?

Roque Carvalho
Go for healthy foods you enjoy – protein based like peanut butter and banana on toast, homemade muesli with yoghurt, eggs every way

Ademar Fogaça
Either extending the length of intermittent fasting, or choosing to start the day with ketoflex healthy foods; either way, it helps to get me in the mindset of healthy eating

Eugene Stewart
I have a lot of limits on my breakfast choices – time, energy, calories, and desires of the day. I usually start with a base of protein, whether it's eggs or Greek yogurt. From there I add some vegetarian protein like sausage links or patties, then put it on toast. Avocado toast has been a thing some mornings, and at times I make ahead a bunch of high protein pancakes for quick and easy breakfast.

Dusan Sobotta
Set me up for the day! Not so much of a savoury breakfast girl, more fruit, cereal, yoghurt etc. Some crunch, some creamy, some fruity. Muesli, porridge, overnight oats, smoothies are all good.

Virgil Lucas
It must be easy to prepare but also easy to carry. It should be easy to reheat or put together when you are traveling. It shod also taste great and be healthy with a decent portion size to stay full throughout the day.

Carolyn Coleman
Завтрак это самый объемный прием пищи и он должен был в первую очередь полезным. Должны присутствовать белки (яйца, крупы) и достаточное количество жиров и углеводов. У меня завтрак это – каша на воде с орехами/ягодами/фруктами, яйцо или омлет, бутерброд с сыром и чай с лимоном.

Signe Jørgensen
A great breakfast for me is a breakfast that is tasty, healthy, fills you up and provides slow and steady release of energy so I don’t get hungry or tired before my lunch. I also like to use breakfast to have my turmeric and ginger smoothie and my supplements. And coffee gets me pumped for the day.

Josefine Hansen
Make sure breakfast is:
1. Tasty (because you won’t be motivated to eat it if it’s not appetizing!)
2. Nutritious (because food is FUEL – you wouldn’t put garbage in your car’s gas tank!)
3. Balanced – make sure you get a little protein as well as some healthy carbs. You need both!

Aaron Torres
A great breakfast for me is the perfect amount of food with enough of all the healthy components that will fuel you for the day. I am happiest with my breakfast when I see the colorful fruit, protein and feel fulfilled and not rushed. The other day, I made fried eggs, added a little salsa (and ok cheese), chopped up mangoes and avocado and toast. It was great! It kept me going all day and I felt like I was investing in taking care of myself with a good meal that I made. I have been hoping to cut my caffeine intake so a steaming cup of tea is a good conpliment.

Kristin Cole
It makes me feel full for a long time, it tastes good and it is so enticing that it makes me want to get out of bed in the morning.

Tomas Stadler
The amount macro's in it. I mean protein, carb and fat. A good and healthy breakfast should have protein rather than sugar cause sugar burns quickly and you'll be hungry soon. A good source of fat can be peanut butter.

Emma Møller
Well, vegetables and protein and fruits are aweosme for a breeakfast which makes it awesome and it gives u energy to survive day

Kyle Gardner
To me, my breakfast is great if it is full of healthy ingredients as fresh as possible and does not have any of the nasty ingredients that most quick breakfasts have that disagree with my stomach. To me a great breakfast takes time to make but it is so worth it.
The great breakfast is also one that is so tasty to you, you look forward to it.

Paul Lopez
Light as to not require too much energy throughout the day to digest but also hearty enough to give you the fuel for a strong morning.

Leonard Schaaf
You enjoy it but it’s also good for you!! Something that taste yummy but also makes you feel energized and ready for the day. Personally I like natural oatmeal with berries with almond milk or a smoothie. Sometimes a homemade scrambled egg breakfast sandwich. All of these foods are majority natural yet they give me long lasting energy to take on the day!! And I enjoy it. I feel good about making the right choice and I enjoy the food. Eating donuts for breakfast can taste good but it’s not the ideal source of energy. You may feel tired within just a few hours from that.

Abbie Terry
To me, an amazing breakfast is something that keeps
Me full well until lunch time. It’s super important to mix up breakfast foods once in awhile to not get bored of a meal. I usually make sure my plate is colourful and fresh with loads of fruits to start my day. I also have at least two glasses of water to detox and a tea.

Billy Robertson
A great breakfast is something you have thought about the previous night, taken time to prep if needed (overnight oats) and have ready to eat as part of your morning routine.

Alexis Masson
It depends on what feels better for you. In my case, a symple coffee and banana, or a toast with avocado and some olive oil is what works best.

Naja Hansen
A breakfast is great when it is more than a sugary spike heading out the door but is instead a meal that tastes good and gives you sustainable energy for the morning.

Inara Rezende
Something high in protein like eggs or peanut butter and oats, this allows sugars to burn slower keeping hunger at Bay for longer.

Nicolai Stapf
A great breakfast is one that in the moment is tasty but also lasts easily until lunch. Also a breakfast that is easy to eat- at least on work days- that I don’t spill on myself. Seems obvious and silly perhaps but on work days I’m on a tight morning schedule.

Chloé Nguyen
Stay the day with breakfast rich in protein and low in carbs. Keeps you going for longer without feeling hungry abd keeping junk food at bay.

Rene Adams
Having a bowl of cereal to start with is good for a base layer and gives you lots of fibre then meals with eggs are good for the protein. I want high protein in my diet and this is helpful for that.

Honório Costa
For me, what makes a great breakfast is a healthy one (not having excess sugars, has complex carbs instead of simple sugars, vitamin-rich). It doesn't necessarily have to be a heavy breakfast, but one that gives you enough fuel for the morning.

Joan Roberts
When i wake up i’m very hungry (most time) because i havent eaten since last evening and it gives me energy and joy for a day.

Maëline Lefevre
Breakfast sets up the day. It prepares the body and provides necessary energy. Without breakfast – I’m sluggish, lethargic. With breakfast – I’m ready to go for hours.

Rayan David
A great breakfast has healthy, non sugary, ingredients and makes you feel satiated for a few hours. For me it's yoghurt, fruit, nuts and seeds

Diane Shelton
I love eating breakfast cause it sits me down in the morning and gives me a second to breathe. The morning is quite hectic for me so breakfast is a nice way to take a step back and eat some food.

Gavina Nogueira
When I'm on a run I toast two slices of whole wheat bread put some peanut butter and a banana. When I have my time I friend some eggs with onions and bell peppers and make sure I add fruit like strawberry.

Alma Thomsen
Something simple – like eggs and whole grain toast. Or I keep nuts in my car in case I don’t have time to make eggs. I make sure to have something high in protein.

Evan Roy
For me, it’s something I enjoy and something that is quick! Avocado toast, dairy free yogurt with clean granola, oatmeal with nuts, smoothies, and protein shakes are all things I love!

Ayten Schade
It sets up how your body will use nutrients throughout the day. A nice healthy high protein and fat breakfast is a good way to go.

Stanislaw Stumpe
A great breakfast is hopefully having a balance diet that gives you most of your energy for the day. Fruit, proteins, whole grains.

Alan Kennedy
Enjoying making what you are going to have and then relishing in your creation. It has to have something satisfying and needs to be a little sweet.