What is another extremely good thing to eat for breakfast that keeps you energized other than eggs?

Addison S.
Oats with soya free sugar milk and fruits, chia pudding with fresh fruits, peas and tofu scrambled and a big glass of fresh juice with a lot of fruits and vegetables in.
Sherri C.
I enjoy toasted cinnamon raisin English muffin with peanut butter topped with apples and bananas with my green or black tea on the side. So delicious!
Nayana T.
I like to eat a sandwich with a lot of protien and some carbs as it’s nutritious and filling. It just fuels me for the da
Monvilai P.
I think maybe vegetables. Maybe I should drink orange juice too since I don’t go out much. Maybe even turkey bacon would be a better choice.
Brooklyn J.
I eat granola and toast for breakfast. I will add a banana if I am really hungry. I am not a fan of eggs so I eat alot of cold cereal and hot oatmeal.