Tips to sleep early?

Julie B.
Take all the things you need to use on your evening routine and line them up on your desk before you leave the house in the morning so it will be ready for you when you get back home and set 2 alarms half an hour before you have to start your evening routine to make sure you are on time.
Hunter U.
if you are stressed about work and you want to stay up and do it all at night i suggest don’t because if you go to bed earlier the work will be easier to do and you will be less stressed.
Vesna E.
I find it hard to sleep early as I have a lot of natural energy. But I do find that if I am less stressed out before I sleep,if I have eaten well and if I did at least 1 hour of activity during my day, I will fall asleep better. As well, if I stay off all electronic devices and limit my time watching TV for an hour before I go to bed, I can sleep earlier.
Wesley W.
Wake early. Eat dinner early e.g 6pm. No eating after 7pm. Work hard all day. Exercise too. To make yourself tired. No devices after 8pm. Have the room at a cool temperature. Turn out all the lights. No tv after 9. Goodnight
Lori C.
I have a few smaller suggestions but meditation (the yoga nidra kind) is the best remedy to fall asleep. Make sure all tasks for the day are done early so you're not worries about leaving stuff to do. Listen to your body: sometimes I feel tired but, because it's still feels too early to go to bed, I end up wasting time doing a mindless t until it's time. I'm working on this still.
Lucas T.
Blue light glasses. Setting a reminder on your phone half hour before you need to be in bed. Having a slow down, relaxation routine before bed.
Annette P.
As soon as your done eating dinner, clean up and start to unwind. Unplug from electronics gradually (if your addicted) each night and do a relaxing activity like reading or yoga. It will train your brain into thinking it's time for sleep.
Baldur Z.
Think of sleep as the first thing you do in a day, not the last. So your morning starts at 00:00 for example followed by exercise at 6am etc.
Kassandra U.
For me, slowing down before sleep works..
1.Lowering brightness of lights
2.Stop using electronics at least 30 minutes before bed
3.Journaling about the day
4. 10 minutes of meditation really helps me destress before sleep.
Hope these tips help.. consistency is key.. at least give 4 weeks for these to work..
Gata A.
Cultivate a bedtime ritual that includes relaxation and creating an environment that is calm and cozy. I take a very warm shower, then light incense before doing yoga, drinking tea, and reading before bed. I still use my devices to accomplish this, but I make sure the blue light is filtered out, and that my notifications are silenced. If there's something that is really demanding my attention, I tend to it quickly, and return to my routine.
Thibaut Y.
If I need to sleep early, I’ll do my night time routine early (shower, pjs etc) and then make sure I’m in bed 20mins before I want to go to sleep. I fall asleep faster to the sound of thunderstorms and rain or a crackling fire. I play those (downloaded apps) on my TV and make sure I put my TV on sleep for 10mins (so that it automatically turns off).
Laurine Y.
No cellphone or pc after dark. Sleep in room that has a only a bed or futon no tv or anything. Turn off lights and sleep.
Rick J.
One thing is to make sure that you go to bed the same time every night even on the weekends. Your body will get adjusted to whatever time it thinks it’s supposed to sleep. So if you want to change your sleeping habits, then you start with intervals of like half an hour. For instance if you typically go to bed at midnight, be in bed at 11:30 the next night, and then 11 the next night, and so on and so forth until you get to the time that you want to be in bed. The other thing is to not allow yourself to sleep in or take naps. You might need more sleep than eight hours, but you should be getting up at the same time every day to.
Fernando F.
Prepare all activities before bed. Maybe start the day thinking that you will want to go to bed earlier. Set am alarm for going to bed too. Stick to the alarm!
Tanya P.
When I need to sleep and can’t, I use the Headspace app, free version, for meditation. The soothing voice of the male voice providing instructions on how to meditate, makes me sleepy.
Wendy U.
Um. Bad time to be asking me this. I guess force yourself into bed early and force yourself to wake up early. For at least 4 days straight. Then keep going.
Laly S.
exercise since it will lower your energy levels during the evenings, no sugar things before sleep, keep yourself clean and the room cool, make sure that you have no tasks that will make you stress for the next day
Virginia Y.
Working out after all your daily dealings are done, you'll get a final rush of stimulation that will surely have your body and mind asking for rest. Not to mention eating very well before the exercise will land a small snack after can do wonders for your muscles as they rest up over night.
Kenneth F.
Have one thing you look forward to doing RIGHT before bed. As long as it is nothing electronic related. You’ll be excited to get to that part of your day. The hard part! Stopping that part of your day!
C Ntia A.
Use your bed only for sleeping. Turn off your phone and other screens 20 minutes before bed. Get in bed, get comfortable, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths if you want. Commit to staying in your bed for at least 20 minutes with no screens or other distractions. Just be comfortable and breathe. 🙂
Dustin O.
Trata de ya no usar el celular, la televisión o computadora una hora antes de dormir, para que tu mente esté libre de distracciones que hagan pensar más a tu cerebro, aprovecha esa hora para solo leer, tampoco hagas ejercicio antes de dormir, eso activa tu cuerpo.
Jules E.
Leave phone in another room. (If you need the alarm but it on the other side of the room).
Start making the house dark earlier, turn off all unnecessary lights. Use redder light sources – candle are great. And reading by candle light is a pleasure. Darkness starts the release of melatonin and makes you sleep. Make your room cold. Our bodies like to be 1 degree (centigrade) colder at night, if this is hard take a warm but not hot shower and air dry of.
Pierre Q.
honestly, i’m the worst at this. so i wouldn’t take advice from me. however, i would recommend that you exercise every morning to help use up ur energy – this will possibly make u more tired by night time and therefore help you sleep faster. 😉 good luck!
Adam Z.
Try a meditation app/ ambient sounds. It helps a lot. I would also create a ritual that you do every night. This way, when you start, you subconsciously associate this with bedtime. Hope this helps 🙂
Eduarda P.
I think it’s easier to get to bed early by thinking in terms of when you are going to wake up. If you need to wake up 7am, getting to bed by 10pm will give you an awesome 9 hours of sleep. And you’ll be up early with more time to be productive.
Polda S.
Start your routine 60 minutes before you crawl into bed. Take a melatonin. Do your face routine. Pick up your room from the days mess. Lay out your water for the next morning. Etc. Spend the 60 minutes on yourself and wind down. If you're still wide awake while crawling into bed, you wont be able to go to bed early. Make sure you find what calms your mind and eases the stress about the next day. Namasté🙏🏻
Omer P.
Get off your electronics at least 30 min before bed and maybe occupy yourself with drawing, reading, or any calm activities.
Sieghard U.
Phone off and away from you an hour before you’re ready to sleep, some tea and some reading, get your bed comfy and dive in! Exercise during the day helps too!
Frederick N.
Sleeping earlier does not mean that you must go to bed hours before but just get into bed at the time you will and lay there with your eyes closed, no distractions or light. There your mind can wonder and finally you will fall asleep. Eat a balanced meal before and after and get up earlier the next day.
Ralph Y.
Put away all electronics for the last hour before going to bed …also do not have a tv in your room. I sleep like a baby and I’ve never had a tv in my room.