How do you make sure you prepare a good breakfast in a limited time

Sauro G.
Prepare the items for breakfast before you go to bed each night so that you would have to in the morning when or if you are crunch for time
Am Vel Z.
I have limited time, I take less than 20 minutes for my morning routine. To use my time more efficiently, I try to exercise and prepare breakfast at the same time.
For example: cooking or baking an egg while dancing.
Heating toast while doing 7 minute workout.

Prepare the night before is also an option. Decide on what to make for breakfast and place it in the front of your fridge. Cut the vegetables

Mads Z.
I think about what i want to eat in the evening before. While making focusing first on the center food (such as eggs) then think about the extras.
Siya F.
It's better to prepare most of it the night before. So that when you wake up, all you have to do is bake the already prepared stuff, and you've got breakfast
Carolyn U.
Groceries in advance are key. Plan your weekly schedule and adjust breakfast plan accordingly. Cooking jot always has to be involved. When rushing I always tdy to find 10 minutes for a cup of tea and a banana or apple. I help myself with a nut mix during early hours of work before going for lunch.
Daniel C.
I decide what I will have the night before and make sure when I shop that I have at least three healthy choices for variety.
Hil Rio Q.
I make sure to prepare a good breakfast in a limited time by thinking about the “why”. Why is this important? Why do I need this? It is important because I am not eating meat and I need the nutrients. It is important because I need the fuel and energy. I need a good breakfast to kickstart my healthy lifestyle.
Leon L.
I'm not familiar with this though I would suggest getting up earlier and start with easy breakfast tutorials.
~Hong Kong User🇭🇰
Caroline A.
Don't be afraid to gravitate towards raw foods. It's better to get the food in to fuel your body, then eat more elaborate meals later. Nuts and fruit rock. Remember even if you don't have nuts and fruit it is totally cool to just eat some toast. You need to get something in your stomach to feel good.
Ale T.
I make sure to have everything I need the night before and in the morning I wake up early to have time to have a good breakfast.
Julia P.
As a school teacher I don’t usually have much time in the mornings so I need to make my breakfast and lunch the night before. While making lunch I pack some almonds, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries in a container. I then set the timer on my coffee maker and head off to bed. When I wake up, all that’s left is pouring my coffee, grabbing my lunchbox, and hitting the road!
Marino Q.
Honestly, I don't always feel like eating in the morning especially if I didn't have a very active previous day, and some mornings I'm rushing out the door. For those mornings, I keep a stash of high protein granola bars. They're small but the protein keeps the body satieted until lunch time. I also keep pecans and walnuts in my desk at work for a mid-morning snack when I need it. It's less about a BIG breakfast and more about a well-balanced breakfast even if it's something small just to wake the metabolic system up.
Joe T.
First make sure you don’t have limited time, get up in time. And keep al the stuff you need as much in one place as possible.
Viola I.
I prepare a breakfast trying to count calories (no more than 150 considering a diet of 1650kcal per days), that means milk and some biscuits or cereals. But actually I'm not sure if a sweet breakfast is the best option for metabolism; it's just what is common for me and in general in our country (Italy). So I'm looking forward to hearing about any evidence that can guide me in the choice.
Nolhan P.
I make as much of the breakfast as I can at night. For example, I make overnight oatmeal. I put some oats and milk in a small to-go container and then add strawberries and bananas to it with a little honey. Then I put it in the fridge and as soon as I wake up it's ready to go. That way I can quickly eat it or even take it with me if I'm in a rush.
Rafa N.
You can prep things the night before or sometimes even have your breakfast ready the night before. For example cook hard eggs or make a Chia puding for not than one day so that you just put your breakfast together in the morning.
Stay A.
I make oatmeal every day in a small rice cooker. It takes only about 1 minute to set up, and then I get ready for the day while it cooks. My rice cooker also has a steamer, which I set on top of the oats, to steam frozen berries. For protein, I add natural peanut butter, and sprinkle hemp seeds on top with cinnamon.

I find this much easier and more motivating than eggs, or toast, which require more attention and time in the kitchen.

Juri Y.
I prepare breakfast the night before. Add Yoghurt, Milk, fruits and granola into a bowl. Leave it overnight. It will become a delicious decoction by morning.
Ania C.
Prep is the key. I usually think of what I'd like to have the night before and do as much preparation as possible (peeling, chopping, blending), then I put it in an easy to reach part of the fridge so that it's all ready for the morning! I also tend to go for simple meals on work days and reserve the more complicated (and time-consuming) recipes for days off. Think smoked salmon with salad on wholmeal bread vs. vegetable frittata. Food does not have to be super complex to be healthy. I hope this helps. 🙂
Jeremy J.
I'm lazy by nature and like to get up as close to leaving as possible. One of my favourites is making overnight oats. Make it the night before, leave it in the fridge and its ready for the morning. Otherwise I'd prep my breakfast the night before, whisk eggs, cut fruit/veg, etc. Porridge takes no time either if you soak it the night before. So reflecting on that it's all about being prepared!
Mark Ta M.
Well, it's good to know ahead what I want to eat and ideally, prepare it the day before. For example, you can do overnight oats and just grab it from the fridge in the morning to go or to eat it at home without a long preparation, so that you save time and make sure to have a quality breakfast.
Andrew C.
Having all your ingredients in places that are both easy to see and remember can cut time on preparation, which I fond to be the biggest sink in time for breakfast. The second thing is to keep your meal simple. It may be the most important meal of the day, but it doesn't mean you have to go all out.
Nora Z.
It only takes 10 minutes to cook oatmeal from scratch. If you don'thave 10 minutes then the problem is more likely about what time you get up.
Letitia J.
Buy breakfast foods that can be prepared quickly or consumed on the go. Examples are eggs, oatmeal, energy bars, and fruits.
Gitte X.
I concentrate on fresh veg to make it grab and go. I grab handfuls of various things to eat, e.g. this morning I had a handful of cherry tomatoes, a handful of peas in the pod and slices of mozzarella cheese. Boiling eggs and having them in the fridge are great grab and go breakfasts , too.
Syliny O.
Get up early, set some things on the breakfast table the night in advance go for easy workable solutions, als your family to join