Why is tea recommended over coffee?

Cl Ment E.
Bcz, coffe has some caffeine that makes me really dizzy and i didnt like coffee for breakfast cause thats make me wanna throw up
Siegbert B.
Tea is better for the circulation of your body espaccialy green tea. Coffee often makes you mote awake for a while but gets you even more tired when it «goes out» of your body. Tea is good for the metabolism.
Halina U.
I recommend tea over coffee for many reasons. Tea is generally lower in caffeine than coffee. Since lower in caffeine than coffee it can be consumed at anytime during the day or night with out fear of keeping you from sleeping. Ultimately I prefer and recommend tea over coffee because there are so many readily available tea varieties and flavors to choose from and these varieties and flavors can be incorporated with other fruits, herbs and vegetables to form an unlimited variety of beverage choices to enjoy.
Charles U.
Reduces free radical’s (muscle depleation of iron & oxygen) & it has anti-oxident’s (Vitamin & healing properties of muscle) repair).
Lilly Y.
Tea is rich in antioxidants and has a lower caffeine level than coffee. Also tea is less acidic than coffee so it's better for an upset stomach.
Samuel Y.
Is it really? That’s a question for which I’m afraid I have no answer.
Both tea (depending on the type) and coffee mess with your sleep cycles. Also, both might have a lot of chemicals, so regardless of what you have, try choosing bio or organic brands. I have recently reduced my coffee intake to one cup per day. It’s hard but it pays of in the end 🙂 I sleep much better now.
At night I have an infusion instead of tea.
If you are trying to create a new habit, my experience is that you should not be too drastic. For instance, if you have 5 cups of coffee per day, don’t suddenly give up coffee altogether. Try reducing the amounts instead.
I hope this was useful advice!
Have a great day
Wolfgang U.
Higher anti oxidants and depending on the variety less caffeine. White tea has the same caffeine content as decaf coffee. Green average about 30mg. Black tea has about 60mg. Compared to coffeee average 180mg. Making the tea allowing it to steep can give you the opportunity for reflection. Personally I prefer tea when doing outdoor activity. Coffee when I’m urban.
Joseph Q.
For me, matcha tea works best! It has more caffeine than coffee, but doesn't give you drawbacks like sleepiness some time after.
Mylan C.
Studies have determined that both coffee and tea have health benefits. Providing you don't load your coffee – or tea – with sugar and cream, either can be a good source of certain nutrients and antioxidants linked to disease prevention.

Let's start with tea. Fresh tea leaves are an incredibly rich source of phytochemicals called catechins, which have potent antioxidant properties. In fact, tea is one of the highest sources of antioxidants in the North American diet. When it comes to health, most of the research has focused on green tea suggesting the beverage may help lower the risk of certain cancers (breast, ovarian) and heart disease. Regular black tea drinkers have also been found to have a lower risk of developing heart disease.

Rose Z.
Tea is recommended more often my than coffee because it is better for you overall. It is more “natural” and works better with your body. The caffeine in coffee stimulates your body, causing it to not function as well or properly, even though you are getting an energy boost. Caffeine can also become addictive overtime, activating some of the same pleasure areas in the brain as drugs, nicotine, and alcohol substances. Tea can come caffeinated as well, but there are a lot of better options in the decaf section. Since decaf tea has no caffeine in it, it is “cleaner” for your body. Tea is essentially hot water with herbs in it. Tea is more recommended than coffee because it has the ability to mix well with herbal remedies that can be easily absorbed into the body, a much more healthy, natural, and low-risk alternative to most pills and medication. Tea is also better than coffee when you are sick. You can put anti-bacterial herbal remedies in your tea, along with honey to soothe a possibly sore throat. In theory, tea will help you heal quicker from sicknesses, and is overall better and more beneficial to your health than coffee. Consider transitioning over to tea, and hopefully consider transitioning over to a healthier lifestyle with it!
Victoria C.
Tea is recommended over coffee because, you can get addicted for coffee, that it can happens with tea, but it is minimum the cases of addicted pearsons by tea, and coffee have lots of caffeine in composition, and it affects a lot the brain, tea has to, but it is less than the coffee
Robin Z.
Coffee has way more caffiene in it and has few other benefits. Meaning drinking it actually dehydrates you and doesn't give you much back. Tea has less caffiene and has tons of added benefits depending on what kind of tea. Green tea is helpful for losing weight, and many herbal teas relieve stress. I have a tea that helps my stomach because I have ibs and any little thing helps.
Deborah U.
Teas can come in varying levels of caffeine while also proving many other benefits for the body. Certain herbs and flowers used in tea are well known for their soothing properties such as camomile or jasmine while others help with different ailments like ginger or mint.
Noah Q.
I think he is recommended over coffee because it has less caffeine and possibly more health benefits and for me personally it also acts as a diuretic and is available more readily caffeine free
Hanne N.
Because coffee has an ability to addict people . People who are used to coffee regularly will not be able to live without it.. it causes 9% more addiction than weed which is unhealthy for human health..
Lillie J.
I think it's a better choice since it doesn't dehydrate you as much as coffee. Plus I feel more inclined to add cream and sugar to my coffee to make it taste sweeter, which just works against me in the long run. Drinking tea has a great taste all on it's own after hunting down whatever brand and kind of tea I find tastes best. It also just makes me feel more healthy and responsible for my body.
Emilie N.
Tea is just better in anyway over coffee. Unlike coffee, some teas have a natural source of caffeine and taste amazing when you add jam, lemons, or whatever you believe will spice up your drink. Try it! The smell of tea is much more relaxing that coffee, and even the smell and heat alone can make you awake in seconds. Tea is amazingly easy to make, and healthier than coffee. But instead of using the power wall boiler, get an actual boiler. (William reference)
Irma O.
Tea is better than coffee because it has a lot of antioxidants which prevent inflammation, and can prevent blood vessels from gardening. This decreases chances of stroke and heart attacks.
Esmeraldo E.
The common answer would be the physical health reasons. Coffee is not great for your heart, depending on how much & what you drink it puts a lot of stress on your systems. Making your tea and preparing becomes a relaxing ritual and there are so many types and they taste amazing. Use Stevia it is a good natural sweetener and 0cals. Make it a big interest and learn more about different teas.(with and with out caffeine for anytime of day
Heidrun F.
Well from what I’ve herd, tea is recommended over tea because it gives less of an intense caffeine spike, whereas coffee hits you hard, and I guess messes with ones natural rhythm of waking up for example. I think if you make sure to have coffee after your first meal of the day (like breakfast) it is better because your blood sugar will already have risen steadily and your body won’t get “hit” by that boost, therefore leading to you not having a crash a few hours later.
Philip P.
I do not drink coffee. Therefore, it is easy for me to answer this question. I drink tea everyday and I really like it. 🙂
Victor Z.
I think because tea has more health benefits over coffee. You can google search these benefits. Also its not as addicting as coffee. Once i stop drinking coffee i get headaches.
Sandy V.
Tea has an anti-aging effect on the body, mostly on the brain and structural cells, such as bone cells. Coffee, on the other hand, also has good effects on the body, but high levels of caffeine can be harmful to the body and that’s one of the main reasons for why tea may be preferred over coffee.
It really comes to understanding that too much of something can be harmful. I love coffee, but I try to only get one or two cups of coffee during breakfast and later on a snack in the afternoon. Finding the amount that feels better for you is the best way to go about it.
Ben Z.
This is coming from a coffee lover: it took two weeks for my body to rebalance; if you’re willing to weather the storm, you can reset how your body responds to caffeine and tea will give a nice, gentle lift. There are other beneficial compounds at work which promote a steadier state. Coffee is by no means an ‘enemy’ but it’s more effective when used at key junctures. Tea can be a daily habit.
Onofre Q.
It is better for hydratation. Too much coffee van cause anxiety and high blood pressure. Never drink more than a couple a Day.
Tom E.
Tea is easier on the stomach, has less chemicals. You can also adjust your caffeine and incorporate herbal teas that will benefit you.
Signe W.
’Cause tea doesn’t taste as bad as coffee does? Dunno, I don’t drink coffee ’cause it tastes like s~~t. With tea you actually have options. I don’t know!
Riley S.
Less caffeine, caffeine is quite addictive as well. Coffee dehydrates while tea hydrates its loaded with antioxidants so yes its recommended over coffee
Antonio P.
Tea typically contains less caffeine, which when had in access can make you jittery and cause you to have an energy crash. Different types of tea also tend to have different good qualities e.g. chamomile is very good for soothing and relaxing whilst peppermint is refreshing and revitalising.
Olga C.
Less addictive, but that depends on the type of tea. If the tea has also caffeine (ex green tea) then there is no real big difference I would say.
Gabriela R.
Not sure, in what perspective it’s meant. Maybe stress related? Coffee is known for it’s stimulating effects: it wakes you up, you feel more energized etc. If this is the case, you might want to change to herb tea. Which is more soothing and calming. Especially before you go to bed: you want to give your nerves a rest. So you fall asleep earlier.
Darren J.
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Sacha Q.
Tea contains antioxidants, and some types can give your metabolism a boost. If coffee doesn't sit well with you or if it makes you jittery, tea could be an easier solution since it's less acidic.
Hardy F.
I’m not sure. I have heard over the years that caffeine from a tea leaf breaks down in your body differently therefore giving boosts off energy throughout a time frame rather than all at once like coffee does I suppose…
Brandon E.
Specifically non-herbal teas contain antioxidants that reduce inflammation. The process of roasting beans produces a chemical called acrylamide. This is known in the scientific community to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. Make the healthier choice. Choose a robust black tea that’ll get you ready for the day.
Pauline P.
I may be biased cause I am a tea lover. I think tea have more health benefits than coffee. Coffee give temporary boost of energy, but tea can offer ways to improve your overall health. Some tea do provide improvements to your digestive system.
Cibele S.
Caffeine is a powerful stimulant, the amount of caffeine in tea is lower, but can still give you the boost that you need. It also means you can drink more tea, since too much coffee and affect your brain and heart function. While both beverages have antioxidants, people are less inclined to load their tea drinks with sugar and cream- the real culprit when it comes to health dysfunction in habitual coffee drinkers. That said, most teas you'd find sold at your local grocer can contain chemicals from insecticides, the tea bag, and string. Tea sold this way can also contribute to high amounts of waste, not to mention the actual tea leaves might include added flavoring to intice buyers. I found it best to purchase loose leaf tea and keep reusable tea steeping items on hand. Loose leave tea is generally more flavorful, there are endless varieties of flavors and different health benefits offered as well.
Emma T.
Tea is better because most teas don’t have caffeine. It is not good to drink lots of caffeinated drinks and coffee Osborn’s one of the most caffeinated beverages in the world.
No Lie T.
Coffee has more caffeine and if you drink to much to often you can even experience withdrawals. Like sugar, you experience a quick burst of energy but in the long run tea will be much more beneficial. Tea has some amazing healing properties and, in my opinion, tastes much better than coffee.
Asta C.
Tea has more proven health benefits and less caffeine. Its level of caffeine isn't appropriate for regular consumption in quantity since it saps your energy over time (unless you live in a high and arid place).