Is a breakfast shake okay? Is that considered hearty? Sippy sippy doing hair makeup and journal preferred, than to sit down .

Allie Z.
Think of your body as a car, if you only fill the water tank, then it won’t overheat, but if you don’t put gas, then filling the water tank was only a waste of time cause’ you won’t even be able to drive it.
That’s what happens with your body if you only take a breakfast shake, sure, that’ll give you some energy for a while but it’s not gonna give you energy enough to get you trough the hole morning, it’s been 6 – 8 hours since your last meal, and I think a shake isn’t a meal, it’s like the healthy drink you take with your real breakfast.
But that’s just my opinion and I ain’t no professional nutritionist.

Joey Z.
I thought it was quite straight forward to make a fruitful breakfast, in long run I’m gonna be thanking myself and listen what I heard Meher from 2025 thanking me

Jason Q.
Yes if you have all the right ingredients to make it healthy as well as heavy enough to keep you feeling full for longer.

Ida S.
I don’t think it is the best breakfast. It is better to sit and eat porridge or muesli thank you drink a shake on the go

Rebecca U.
I don’t see why a shake wouldn’t be good. Sometimes that’s all the time you have and if it is preferred, then you do you!

Sheila N.
I prefer a meal, while Im seated with no distractions, with full nutrients especially that it's the first meal of the day. Shake is okay but make sure it contains almost everything that you need for the day. as the cliche goes, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.