How do you make it faster to prepare a great breakfast?

Palma Z.
I tried overnight oats for the first time this week! Prep the night before and it's ready to take out the fridge and eat the next morning and tasty.

Albert U.
I have started to prepare oats with yoghurt and fruits during the weekend for the whole week. Therefore, is very easy to take with me the oats at work if I am running late for work.

Raimunda Q.
I eat oats with fruits and yogurt. I think it is too fast and easy to make, so I don't invest too much time in the morning

Lemon G.
Some mornings I don’t have time to cook breakfast as I am in school so instead of just cooking a breakfast I will grab a couple pieces of fruit or I’ll make a quick snack like honey nut Cheerios put them in a baggie for the go.

Carole O.
I make sure to eat the same thing every morning. I have a long commutes so I try to keep my breakfast as simple as possible. If I'm in a rush, I'll grab an apple and a banana.

Nathan P.
I meal prep homemade breakfast burritos with eggs, sausage, onion, pepper, and cheese! So easy to reheat and really portable so I have no excuse to eat a healthy breakfast. I have a hard time eating breakfast in the morning and I’m always excited to eat these.

Catherine P.
I typically like to place every utensil I will need out on the counter the night before that way I will not have to dig for everything while I am still half awake

Brittanie Q.
I eat a lot of fruit. It’s already made because you just eat it haha! If I need protein I’ll just eat a scoop of peanut butter. Or hard boil eggs the night before. It’s lazy but it’s quick!

Natalie J.
I think about what I’m having for breakfast the night before and set out everything I need, that doesn’t have to be refrigerated, so I can start preparing right when I get up.

Nathan T.
I pre-prepare food on weekends. Wash all the lettuce & fruit and put it in 1 container per 1 meal so it’s also portioned out. I keep some quick things like whole wheat English muffins for toast too. Eggs as well. I don’t bring my phone to the kitchen. Which really helps speed me up.

Eva J.
I prepare some of my ingredients ahead of time the night before. I store them in containers in the fridge overnight. This saves valuable time that I might need to get to work on time. Or just so I'm one step closer to getting a great breakfast. The other thing I do is use Lifesum. It's a great app that prepares a shopping list, ingredients, and recipes for me. I'm able to do my shopping in one go. It usually lasts for half the week then I might have to pick up a few ingredients later in the week. I wake up at 4:20am. I have to be at work by 5:50 am. It takes me 25 minutes to shower and get ready for work. My commute is usually 15minutes. So I have roughly 40 minutes to prepare my breakfast, lunch and any snacks. I prepare dinner after I'm home from work. I have to cook and work fast to be able to get to work in time. To me it's a fun challenge. I'm learning along the way.

C Cilia U.
Knowing the night before what I'm going to have.
1. Set items and/or ingredients out such as blender and protein powder, or eggs and veggies with the frying pan or prepare the night before such refrigerator overnight oats so it's ready to go when my mind is still revving up in the a.m.
2. Set up a place for you to sit down to enjoy your meal.

Naja Z.
-Take fruits out the night before and put it on a plate on the kitchen table (or anywhere you spend usually spend the most time) as you get ready in the morning.
– Or get a blender, mix: flax seeds, Greek yogurt & avocado for a quick & very well-balanced breakfast

Alfredo U.
I would prepare breakfast ingredients or breakfast itself(like chia pudding) in the evening, so it would save me a lot of time and thinking in the morning.

Daisy X.
Being in college, sometimes it’s hard to find the time in the morning to eat a healthy breakfast. I found that by stocking my kitchen with things like yogurt, granola, and fruit it’s easy for me to put together a parfait every morning!

Charlotte S.
Make sure everything is put together in your fridge and on the counter, you can precut fruits and portion your yoghurt the night before so you just have to mix everything.

Scientilla A.
Decide. As simple as that you just have to decide what u want to eat the next morning and whoosh you get it done like magic! Try it you ll know how it works!

Rebecca F.
Oats are ridiculously easy, and taste great with fruit to sweeten them. Sometimes I makes smoothies the previous day and have those for breakfast

Alyx J.
Meal prep the night before such as cut your fruit or even make over night oats! That way when you wake up in the morning everything is ready and it's easier to stay on track and healthy!

Hector E.
Prepare it the night before. Plan it out either on paper or by prepping food items while making or cleaning up from dinner. Batch making a breakfast on a weekend will also help to make it easier to reach for a sustaining breakfast when the week days are busier

Luana Z.
Usually I need more time to prepare something healthy for breakfast. If I want a good salad I need to chopp few different vegetables and to boil one egg

Saleh A.
I have instant oatmeal packets that I use almost everyday for breakfast. I also add toppings like nuts and berries which takes 30 seconds. The overall preparation takes 10 minutes that includes a cup of coffee too!

Genevieve N.

I have multiples tricks.
1) I prepare some breakfasts during the weekend, at least 3 meals. (Mexican breakfast are very tasty)

2) there are some breakfasts that are quick and healthy. Homemade granola with yogurt and raspberries

3) overnight oatmeal is a great solution too

Austra I.
Usually I’m in a rush in the morning, that’s why I always think about the breakfast beforehand. The day before I check what is left in my fridge, if something is missing I go shopping. I have developed morning routine where’s I am aware that the time for breakfast is limited. Although I like to read news while drinking coffee, I focus on breakfast instead of distractions like phone.

Bobbie F.
Preface: I am NOT a morning person and start work EARLY in the AM. So on those days I need something to I can just grab and go and eat on the way to work. So I plan/ make breakfast that are simple and easy. Ex: banana and a hard boiled egg. And then on days when I'm off, I'll splurge on making a nice breakfast. TL;DR: Make it simple but filling!

Ramon Z.
Spend some time prepping things like overnight oats or measuring out and/or peeling portions of your favorite fruits and nuts. If you have something tasty ready to go each morning, then you'll be more likely to eat a little something before you start your day!

Isabell F.
Mornings can be hectic! My biggest success is having a plan and just knowing what I'm going to eat. How many times are we hungry and we stand in front of the refrigerator and think "what am I going to eat?" When I have everything planned the night before I can just grab my eggs or oatmeal and just get cooking. If you like oatmeal look up recipes for overnight oats and it will really simplify your morning!

Brooke F.
Always prepare what you are going to eat so that you are not tempted to grab unhealthy food. You can set out ingredients the night before or meal prep your breakfast so that all you need to do is heat it up.

Edwidge S.
I make Almond flower banana muffins (lots of protein), freeze them, and when I know I need to rush the next morning, I pull one out at night so it's ready to eat the next day.

Nellie G.
Overnight oats have worked great for me. I take the time to prepare them in the evening and have a tasty treat in the morning. Adding a few additions each morning like fruit or chocolate can make it taste different and new.

Aurelino W.
Meal prep on time. Have idea of what I'm eating on the next day. Try to have variety so it does not get boring. Have things that do not require long prepping such as cereal.