Does coffee help jump start your day or make you too jumpy?

Dera E.
It usually makes me jumpy so I don't drink coffee every day. Also I put a lot of milk in my coffee so it's not too intense to make me hypeactive.
Connie P.
I just drink coffee if i have a lot of work to do and i need more time to focus on it but to make my day started or to boost my energy to start the day no i do not but i will love to drink tea in the morning often.
Freddie Z.
I drink coffee for the taste, I don’t have more than one cup a day to avoid getting too jittery although I’ve never had this issue. It’s more something to look forward to in the morning than something to kickstart my day
Birgit O.
It depends on what type of coffee. Usually for me coffee doesn't jump start my day, instead it makes me more sleepy. I usually have my coffee with sugar so it would make sense. I think that the strong, bitter coffee would jump start your day.
Philip G.
It definitely jump starts my day! Science has proven that even just the smell of coffee (and even if you don’t like coffee) is enough to help wake you up. I drink it on a regular basis so I don’t get hyper off it. But also tea has caffeine in it, sometimes more than some coffees! I’d say if you’re not used to coffee in the morning start with weaker coffee and work your way up. 100% good wake up!
Lidija Z.
Sorry, I'm not really much help here as I'm not a regular coffee drinker myself. In all honesty, from the few times I have had coffee to help keep me awake, I didn't think it made much difference….maybe it just depends on the type of coffee you have tho!
Hector E.
While it does help me on days where I feel completely wiped out right in the morning due to a late night, but on daily basis coffee does make me jumpy. I prefer hibiscus and lavender teas in the morning.
Catalina T.
I don't drink coffee in the morning, I only drink coffee when I want to and that is not when I wake up. Becaus of that I don't know if it helps, maybe I should try sometimes.
Marie P.
I don’t drink coffee but, I think that one cup in the morning helps you start off the day but… if you drink too much you are more likely to not feel your best at the end of the day.
Amaro E.
Its like drinking water. Caffeine doesn't affect me like it should. Coffee, tea, and energy drinks are just drinks to me
Rick Z.
No I think that water helps me start my day better because you have a rush from the coffee but then you also crash when it wears off.
Rick F.
Caffeine honestly messes with my whole body system so personally, for me, I do not prefer drinking coffee to start my day. I try to keep it as natural as possible. Basically, a nutritious breakfast after a tiring run does the trick for me.
Marceau A.
Coffee is great for a enerfetic day. But try not to get addicted to it. Besides if you have a heart probblem like an Arrhithmya,you should not take it.
Manuel S.
I feel the same, if you don't mind one exercise buddy I'd suggest kickboxing. Me and a friend of mine used to do some rounds together sometimes at my place sometimes at hers or if the park is empty and the weather is nice…
Megan J.
No, I drink green tea because it’s a much healthier and effective alternative for coffee that helps me stay awake for a longer period of time compared to coffee.
Th O A.
It helps me start my day, it gets rid of sleepy feeling and makes me fresh in the morning… and the taste is really good, specially when it's mixed with milk
Corey E.
That depends for me, if the coffee is too strong it gets me too jumpy and I end up being anxious, if the coffee is not that strong it gives me the right amount of jump start I need.
Gauthier C.
Both. It makes me feel alert and awake, but often leaves me jittery throughout the day. I was using it at one point to medicate my ADHD before I had a proper diagnosis so you can imagine how that could go.
Cameron C.
I really enjoy coffee. I grind the beans, decant them, etc a tiny morning ritual. 1 cup is enough to satisfy me, some milk/cream, no sugar. If I don't have coffee beans at home, I can binge on takeaway cappuccinos and have 4 of them but still not feel quite satisfied
Jean R.
I don’t believe in the magic of coffee, it can cause many problems for a small boost of energy. I recommend getting a more healthy drink/food to boost you!! Such as energy bars or energy/protein smoothies!!
Alo S A.
In my honest opinion, i'm not a big fan of caffeine so i think a glass of freezing cold water ought to start your day with a bang and then over time as the adrenaline wears off you can opt for a caffeinated drink. Hope that helps.
Mario Z.
Drinking coffee in the morning is a perfect ceremony for me. I like the taste of it, I have time with myself or my love or my family. A short pause in the morning rush. Coffee for me is a pleasant start, not a kickstart or jump.
Jon J.
Depends on your susceptibility to cafeïne, the more you drink coffee the more your body gets used to its effect and the "wakefulness boost" will decrease (at least that's my experience). Try to use fresh water and sunlight and outside air for a change to get a jump-start
Alan O.
Personally I think coffee is something nice for me to enjoy in the morning I would say it helps jump start my day hope this helps.