Is your morning routine same every day, on Saturdays and Sundays also?

Margit F.
Saturdays are my offdays however i still would like to choose to keep going with the journey even when im not worried about work for the day just in case anything were to come up

Frida P.
I want to keep my waking time mostly consistent. One late morning and that cascades through a couple of days before I can get it back on track!

Marama T.
Mostly through the week it remains similar. My work is intermittent and very flexible, therefore I find myself some mornings with more time, and others with less.. weekends depend on the activities that are planned in advance, or lack therefore.

Lucrezia O.
My morning routine depends on When I wake up, sometimes I wake up too late to do breakfast or other things. 2 Weeks ago me and my family have adopted a puppy from a shelter…she's making my life better. I love her. She also helps me to wake up earlier and do more things during the days, like going for a walk with her or prepare her a meal. That's it.

Amalie W.
No, is not the same. I do everything more slowly and paused. I would like to wake up a little bit late but sundays can be a little roughs because I have to be at the meeting and I need to wake up earlier than usual. An I don’t want to bc is sunday. But I want to think is a great sacrifice I can do to Jehovah, is the least I can do

Josefina N.
No, normally the weekends is when I do most of the things of the morning routine, and in weekdays I just do two things of the routine.

Caro Z.
In general, Yes, however there are some things that I changed, or I try to do not in different orders so it doesn't get boring.. And the weekend I prefer to just leave it without planning, just how I am feeling as are the only days free for me, however it doesn't mean I spent 24h sleeping or loosing my time.

Clayton O.
Yes I try to wake up daily because I mean it's really nice in the morning it's quiet and just nice, also it's nice to get an early start in the day. And for weekends I like to relax but as long as I have my 8 hours of sleep I'm satisfied. 🙂

Isidor X.
Definitely not, I find variety is the spice of life, and if I reward myself with a lazier, slower wakeup on the weekends, I'll feel more motivated to stick to a stricter regimen during weekdays when it matters. (To an extent of course, too much of anything in life can be unhealthy)

Stephen S.
Yes, right now my morning routine seems pretty same every morning. I wake up, drink water, check my emails for a bit and then go to make my breakfast.