When trying to lose what would you suggest NOT to eat for breakfast?

Sophie O.
Sugary cereals, especially in a large quantity. If you can't eat anything else, then a very small portion of it won't be the end of the world, but even then, fruit and high protein yoghurt is a better sweet substitute.
H Lo Se P.
I would not skip breakfast, as that creates both a shift in metabolism that is unhelpful and it is the genius’s of cravings for me.
Dra T.
Foods with added sugar such as sugary cerial, pancakes, waffles etc. Also try not to fill too much on bread. With this said you might be inclined to not eat at all. But that is the worst option since your body needs energy to work and you will get really hungry when you are out or at work, places where you might choose a fast meal option that is not really healthy.
Andrea Z.
Donuts, muffins, or any foods on their own. Our bodies need a combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to function and depriving yourself of any of these nutrients will leave you craving them later, tempting you to cave into quick indulgences. The most important part of changing your diet is doing so in a way that satisfies your body and makes you happy first and foremost.
T O F.
I would suggest not eating toast for breakfast, anything high in carbs or fat is probably not great for breakfast, an ideal meal would be fruit, oats or eggs.
Monique T.
Anything fatty ex. Chorizo with egg and avoid anything heavy. I have never been someone to eat in the mornings so what I did was started small by my ice/hot coffee depending on time with a Greek yogurt mixed with granola and a fruit. Or Egg omelet with red pepper with cheese and spinach. So try not to eat heavy or anything greasy fatty etc.