What a great, easy, quick breakfast idea?

Annie U.
Mix salsa with your scrambled eggs, toast a tortilla and put the eggs in it with guacamole and a little cheese maybe some beans if you like 👌
Inaya Q.
Slather any type of nut butter on any type of fruit (almond butter on apples, peanut butter on bananas, cashew butter on dates etc…)
Rosibel B.
Mabele/Semolina/ Oats Porridge with Almond milk and dairy-free cream topped with almond nuts, dates and bananas; sweetened with a teaspoon or 2 of fructose
Rosa W.
A good breakfast idea I say would be some hard boiled eggs, toast, and an apple. It is an easy breakfast to make and won’t take much time, but it is a good source of nutrition. Another good breakfast is yogurt and fruit. It is healthy and also easy( there’s also not much mess). If your having a hard time getting your breakfast ready start with just getting out the plate I find that motivates me enough. Have a nice day!
Koyena A.
I mostly eat sandwhich and coffee sometimes iced coffee even it's a great and quick breakfast idea. I also sometimes eat oats it's also great. 😁😁