What are some healthy options for grab-and-go breakfasts?

Roxy N.
Healthy options for grab and go breakfast can be multiple based on where and when getting it during the hours of the morning. An healthy breakfast could be 1. Bread, pea nut butter or butter with groundnut in between the bread and beverages.
2. Fried eggs sauce with boiled spaghetti and boiled egg.
3. Custard with milk and bread.
5. Oatmeal with groundnut or cashew nut and bread.
7. Yogurt bread and fried or boiled eggs.

Angel U.
I like a granola bar with peanut butter and naan (an Indian flat bread), it’s a great pick me up. Also an avocado or an apple.

Annelore Q.
There are protein drinks that can have up to like 30 grams of protein! They’re fruit and vegetables l based so they taste good. Try brands like Naked and stuff like that.

Iris R.
When I have to rush out the door, I usually grab a granola bar. But if I know I'll have some time later on, I take a cup of yogurt. Both options have many kinds and flavors. I am sure you'll be able to find a delicious, healthy option.