Do you have any food ideas for students who feel nauseous when eating breakfast in the morning?

Flenn N.
when I feel ill in the mornings, i go back to the basics: baby food. Okay, I don’t go the grocery store and buy a container of gerber baby mashed peas and turkey, but I’ve found that the best things to eat when you don’t feel 100% are the foods that are easiest to eat and digest, which just so happens to be foods that babies can eat when they switch to solids. Think smoothies, scrambled eggs, soft pancakes, which are especially good for days when your head aches or your teeth hurt. Avoiding foods that can cause colic and gas in babies can also be helpful. And if you really aren’t feeling up to it, drink a glass of water and eat a piece of bread and try again in a couple of hours.
Adalgisa Z.
Smoothies are a good way of getting a breakfast in when you're not used to eating early in the morning.

Also having a herbal tea or lemon, honey and warm/hot water as soon as you wake up will help with the nausea and allow you to eat more later on.

Maja W.
I say eat something nutritious and small. With eating in the morning, you gotta train your body to accept such fuels in the morning…so starting off small will help out a lot, then if you'd like, you could slowly increase the amount you eat. Oatmeal is always a great way to start off the day.
Holly P.
I usually get nauseous if I eat before a cup of coffee, but I've been eating a few almonds in the morning after I drink water and that's small enough to not upset my stomach. Today I upped it to a handful of almonds and a few dried banana slices. So far so good.
Lia P.
Eat something slightly more bland, as in a plain waffle with butter or toast. Even fruit is a great go to option. Drink water also, being hydrated helps you and your body not feel sick.
Timmothy C.
Try smoothies or shakes instead. Sometimes eating a solid breakfast straight away can make you feel nauseous. Drink plenty of water before and afterwards too
Hector R.
If you never eat breakfast before then need a few days to let your body get used to it. Should strart with light breakfast in the first few days, avoid heavy dinner or meal 2-3 hours before bed time
Drink a glass of water after wake up to refresh yourself.
Maria C.
Warm lemon water in the morning. I am of opinion that you don’t need to force yourself to eat if you’re not hungry or if your body does not want to. Listen to your body’s cues.
Erique Z.
As a student, I was always in hurry in the morning. I preferred boiled eggs with 2 slices of bread and a banana. Even now, this is one of my favourite breakfast food.
Get Lia Z.
I used to feel nauseous in the morning. I make tea and toast, starting with a small portion until my appetite in the morning develops. Granola and yogurt is another nice alternative.
Annett J.
I always take a drink of water before I eat. It may help.
Dierk Z.
I make a chocolate, peanut butter smoothie…delicious.
1 cup plain, unsweetened almond milk, 1 tablespoon peanut butter, 1 frozen banana broken in 3 or 4 pieces, 1 – 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon. Blend for 2 minutes until banana is smooth. Enjoy!
Adam C.
Avoiding dairy and heavy foods such as high carb foods often helps ease digestion. Things like bran, and whole wheat in general, and foods high in fiber are often really great. Keep breakfast light if you are feeling nauseous and eat smaller snacks throughout the day to curb hunger and sugar spikes. Sometimes a piece of toast with a light spread such as jam is perfect.
Roy T.
Maybe try a smoothie instead? Gives you nutrients without the heaviness of chewing
Billy O.
Find out what food makes you feel nauseous and avoid that. Try out different simple ingredients for breakfast and then eventually be more creative. To be honest I find rating breakfast makes me less nauseous.
Chad U.
First, before breakfast, practice the Falun Dafa meditation (free to learn online) for about 20 to 60 minutes. Then have a fruit that is not too sour, like some galia melon, pear or orange. Then eat the breakfast you usually like,but with no sugar or some local honey instead of sugar, and preferably with some oats.
Nina S.
I used to feel the same way – try something light, like half a piece of toast. Often that feeling actually comes from hunger.
Armando X.
Do not have breakfast right after you wake up. In the worst case, wait until lunch. The importance of breakfast is overrated (and very much so by Fabulous). It is important to get the right amounts of macronutrients per day, you can do so without breakfast.
Antonio Z.
I would recommend a smoothie with a protein powder. Or a protein mix with almond milk or milk for the extra fullness. I like the Vega protein if you don't do any animal products or the gnc brand whey protein.
Margaux T.
I would say probably the best thing if you're not hungry in the mornings is to have something light and liquid-based: yoghurt, milk, smoothies, etc.
Nellie A.
Start the day with a glass of water and rice crackers, it's a good way to wake yourself up and prepare to eat, I usually find after nibbling on a rice cracker my sickness eases and I feel hungry
Basile S.
It’s really going to depend upon what you usually eat when you’re nauseous at other times. I prefer bland starches – crackers, oatmeal with minimal mix-ins – so my go to might be some saltines w/nut butter, some oatmeal with a small amount of brown sugar, or an apple and a hardboiled egg. But again, listen to what your body is telling you that it wants/needs. When you do, the nausea will subside.
Anne F.
I had the same problem and got rid of it by first just drinking a glass of water in the morning and slowly got my stomach used to it. First tea, then hot chocolate, until I was able to at least eat cereal in the morning. Don’t expect results overnight, just slowly get used to it. Even a hot drink in the morning is helpful, you don’t have to make yourself eat.
Hans Q.
I have that same problem sometimes. Just the thought of a donut and I start edging towards the bathroom! Try staying away from sugary breakfasts that day and focus on protein and carbs. Waiting a little bit longer to eat can sometimes help too. But the best thing is to just take a bite of food and wait a few minutes. Once the food hits your stomach it will settle down and you can enjoy the rest of your breakfast 🙂
Wyatt B.
If you feel nauseous eating in the morning, start with something small to begin with, nuts, oats, fruit. What I do if I'm not feeling up to eating breakfast is I'll make myself a smoothie to start the day, generally frozen berries, half or a full banana ( changes the viscosity), some milk and protein if you take that.
Calvin E.
An apple or banana. They're light enough to not make you feel nauseous, and they will help your body get used to eating breakfast every day
Karla C.
I am a student and have dealt with the same thing before! I would recommend something simple like toast and if you like avocados then avocado toast!
Adolf F.
Eat something that you know you love and crave most of the time. Avoid too salty and too sweet foods, or foods with strange texture. Leave some time between waking up and eating so your stomach has time to wake up and feel hungry. Little goes a long way! If you don't want to or don't have the time to eat a full bowl or a full sandwich eat as much as you can. It's still fuel to get you through till lunch.
Ily S E.
Maybe it’s best to start with a light breakfast and build up to a full meal. Drinking water also has helped me feel less nauseous.