Do you have any suggestions what flavor of overnight oats should I make tomorrow?

Willibald O.
You should try to just add sone water or rice milk, then cinnamon, a bit of dark cocoa powder. The next morning add fresh bluberries and apples!
Mark X.
Vegetable oats which have all the good vegetables like carrots, peas, beans, some mint leaves, coriander powder or fine diced leaves, onion, tomatoes, bottle guard, broccoli etc with some salt and peppers to taste. It will give high nutrition for your whole day
Isabella T.
I enjoy berries 🙂 usually stay away from blackberries or raspberries because of all the seeds, but blueberry or strawberry is always yummy! If you’re more into deep flavors I sometimes melt dark chocolate and mix it in, but I’m unsure of how it would work with overnight oats. Sometimes just brown sugar and cinnamon is very good too!
Bruni Z.
So many different flavors and flavor combinations you could go with! Let's start simple with one ingredient classic additions like cinnamon, brown sugar, maple syrup or a fruit. Then there are the combinations like apple cinnamon and mixed berries. You can also add chia seeds to change the consistency. Lately, my favorite has been almond and coconut milk with fresh pear and strawberry. Give it a try!
Shawn G.
I enjoy fresh berries at the bottom drizzled with honey then putting the rest of the ingredients on top …kind of like the fruit at the bottom yogurt cups. Refreshing and sweet, but wholesome and good for you.
Rosa P.
Honestly I dont eat over night oats. I use good old fashion oatmeal and mix it up with almond milk, stevia, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Have a good day and enjoy
Selma P.
What about banana chocolate chip? Could use dark chocolate or cocoa nibs to reduce the sugar, and reap the benefits of chocolate. Also the option of adding chia seeds, I think they have protein?
Hanna U.
I like to add a bit of powdered peanut butter and a few mini chocolate chips for a treat. Or straight up cinnamon with banana is tasty on a regular basis. Add some dried cranberries or diced apples. Yum!
Martin O.
I love a warm, vanilla, hint of allspice, apple (if you like) touch of brown sugar.
Also like dark cherry and splash of vanilla. Frozen dark cherries from the grocery store make delicious smoothies & oatmeals. The color is fabulous too! Excuse the pun. 😊
Shannon E.
I like to put in fruit after I make oatmeal. It’s fresh and yummy, especially with berries. I’ve never made “overnight oats” – now I’m curious!!!!
Silas F.
Ahahah 🙂
Good question!
I am gonna say some kind of berries (blueberries are my favourite).
They are in season both in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and are great to help strengthen your skin.
I wish you a great breakfast!
Steve U.
I don't really like a lot of the flavored oats myself, but the Cinnamon Apple one is pretty good. Maple and Brown Sugar is the best flavor though.

I usually add a spoonful of Kerry's Pure Irish Butter to make it taste even better! It's the best butter I've tried and it seems healthier than the other brands.

Tina U.
You can soak oats overnight in almond or cashew milk with grated apple, then in the morning, add some stewed or fresh berries and pistachios.
Volkhard O.
Banana walnut. If you toast the walnuts prior to making them, it gives it a good flavor! Adding cinnamon makes it a kind of banana nut bread flavor