What are the best recipes for breakfast to make the night before or on the weekend?

Oscar J.
Its best to keep it simple. Something you can quickly prepared would be ideal. For example oat meal and fruits would be wonderful. If your looking for meat then maybe sausage and eggs with toast.
Bernard N.
For me I have 3 type of breakfast : first one scramble egg second one is mix of different types of nuts the last one is a banana or an apple with Yogurt.
Lucie J.
Overnight oats. Get some muesli and frozen berries in a bowl and add your choice of milk (cow/almond/ soya). Then in the morning eat it as it is, ir add some more yumminess!
Nikolaj W.
Overnight oats
I orefer to make them with oat milk, ground flaxseed and cocoa or turmeric and cinammon
Also chia pudding is a grrat option
Alma W.
Put the following in a bowl: Overnight oats. Rolled oats, grated apple, frozen berries, cinnamon, seed mix, nuts. Add yogurt or milk or nut milk. Cover. Leave in fridge overnight.
Sol Ne E.
I’ve done a lot of research and have a lot of healthy and varied options, which I’m happy to share. However, this will come at a cost of $49.99.
Edgar S.
I think eggs are a good choose they have lots of protein and fiber . I also recommen maybe some fruits and vegetables to keep your energy up.
Kay Y.
For what concerns the night before, I honestly have no idea. Maybe overnight oatmeal. For the weekend, breakfast muffins or burritos are great!
Christoffer E.
I eat chia pudding with endless toppings

I love to eat dinner leftovers for breakfast

I also make gluten-free waffles and they also taste yummy the day after- heated a little bit