What can be the best breakfast routine?

Harvey X.
Drink water in bed while chilling or thinking then get up put a short youtube video on to stimulate you to actually make breakfast then sit down and enjoy while watching that video.
Johanne Z.
I prefer to prepare my own breakfast on time in the morning and i take my time eating . That’s been my routine for months . I hate to skip my breakfast time ever since
Kristen Q.
For my breakfast routine I always make sure I workout and shower then eat. I always try to eat toast and a fruit and start my day off right.
Oto Z.
I think that is very individual. Personally I try to eat breakfast quickly after I wake up. And I also make sure there is something nice to eat. If the food is boring it is easier to skip.
Soham J.
Just experiment with different options and find what works for you. Have a list of recipes you enjoy to have for breakfast so you’re more motivated to put effort into preparing them, but also have some options for days when you hit the snooze button too many times and don’t have time for a full blown breakfast prep – e.g. overnight oats or chucking some fruits in the blender and having a breakfast smoothie. All in all have options that work in most situations you can conceive just so you don’t slip up when you’re not prepared.
Zoey U.
The best routine is to have staples. Pick and choose non-negotiables. For me it is eggs and coffee, a must during breakfast time for me. Plan ahead and envision self eating good breakfast, what does it look like, how does it feel? Then from that buy necessary items to make the dream true. Begin with small easy steps so the process is not burdensome. Create target goal, begin with easy attainable goal. This will help to encourage and motivate to reinforce that it is possible. Achieve the goal and celebrate it. You did the darn thing now go ahead and add to that goal. It will then become a habit and soon you will wonder how it happened and get this it will be unconscious doing. You will do things with out having to think about it or feel fear. That is the best feeling and achievement when changing habit that is not beneficial to your well being.
Maria Z.
When you plan for success. Keeping your kitchen stocked with healthy options because if you don't have a reason to eat badly you don't have a reason to eat badly.
Ramona T.
I eat breakfasts that I can make ahead of time so I am prepared for the day. On days off I make smoothies or cook fresh breakfast keeping things simple is key for me.
Cody F.
What works for me is building a specific time in the morning to sit and eat. Waking up early is key and making the healthy options easily available to make even when you're on the go.
Ginger Q.
I like to make overnight oats so I don't have to do any prep during the morning. I do 1/2 c oats, 2/3 c milk, and frozen fruit with chia seeds and sometimes protein powder
Waln Ria C.
Wake up a bit earlier so you have the time to make your own breakfast and not worry if you'll be late about your work. A breakfast with protein(such as eggs,oats..)will make you full for many hours!! Moreover,do stretching and yoga when you wake up or dance while listening your favorite song or do plank for 30sec (it depends on you for how long you'll do this). With all that you'll have the energy you need to start the day and be successful at many fields!!
Arthur R.
After a glass of water I tend to eat either oats and fruit or muesli and fruit as it is a slow release energy source and keeps you fuller for longer. Eggs are a treat for weekends or slower days.
Sylvia T.
Most of the days, I am making an overnight porridge in the fridge. It is the best to take away breakfast if I don't have time to eat one at home before to leave. If I do have time, then I can make it more fancy adding nuts and fresh fruits.
Maximilian O.
Eat a breakfast that properly fuels you for the rest of the day. Protein, healthy carbs and fruit will keep you satisfied longer and will make you feel more energized for a productive day.
Tanya O.
something that gives each of the food elements. it is better to have anything, rather than nothing. something that will keep you full throughout the day until your next meal.
In S Y.
don’t wait until you’re super low on energy and super hungry! make sure to eat breakfast earlier in the morning so that you don’t feel bad later. i like to do cereal sometimes but lately i’ve been loving to do stuff i have to make like with fruit, etc. because it makes you feel better than having that cereal sugar!
V Tor N.
The best thing is to play music, dance and prepqre fruit. Cutting them while listening to music is the best! Then I prepare oats and I add the fruits in it! So fun!
Elena C.
I am struggling too for breakfast, I don't do that every morning cause sometimes I don't know what to eat. This morning I had a cup of fruit salad that my boyfriend made for me, and it made me feel like fruit is one of the best options in the morning.
Felisberta Q.
If you struggle with cooking in the morning, be sure to make the process as easy on yourself as you can. If you're going to make an omelette, chop all the vegetables the night before so all you have to do is add egg, look into overnight oats breakfasts, or make your own smoothie packs ahead of time.
Jon X.
Preparing an oatmeal with cut up fruits all in a cup. In the morning you blend it all with water or some milk and blend it all. Drink up your healthy filling breakfast.
Kelly U.
Get up, drink water, then go downstairs and begin making it right away. Don't make to much, just enough to give you a good amount of energy. Then while you're in your groove, go excersize for a bit and then continue with your day.
Polina F.
Oatmeal because you can suit it to fit your nutritional needs at the time. For example – looking to help digestion : add flax and chia. Looking to add energy : add maca powder or matcha. Looking for an antioxidant boost : add blueberries or cranberries. More protein : add nuts. It's the most simple yet versatile breakfast routine and it gets you more mindful about eating.
Edelbert Y.
The best breakfast routine should be easy and quick to prepare and look good. You can't push yourself into making massive breakfast every day and if you don't like, what you see before eating, it's demotivating.
Lucas B.
After walking and feeding the dogs, eating some Protien, fruit and grains. Taking pills before or after respectively. I include coffee. Also the grains should not be toast.