How do you eat a good breakfast while away from home?

Aaron R.
I make sure to have healthy foods that are easily accessible, so I can just grab and get going. Bananas, apples, and almonds are good and easy to grab in case of a hurry. Other times I boil a egg the day before and have it ready in the morning.
Karen O.
You could get a place with a kitchen and buy the right ingredients when you arrive, or else you could check the restaurants around your hotel before you arrive, and budget for a great breakfast.
Witold T.
Try and prepare in advance. Get fruit and make a yoghurt/granola mixtute. Ideally prepare and heat up some porridge odge to take with you or a smoothie with some veg in
Dana Z.
While traveling, I try to pack mixed nuts or nutrition bars. While actually in another city I look up good breakfast places or grocery stores nearby beforehand at home.
Warren X.
Try to pack a healthy breakfast. If you can’t do that. Try to swing by a grocery or health food store to grab breakfast. Avoid donut shops and fast food breakfasts. You can do it!!
Charlotte J.
Be prepared. If you are at a hotel, check out the menu before hand Ann’s plan ahead what you will order. Look forwards to your choices and know you are treating your body when you eat well. If your staying a friend of families home, consider taking your own breakfast with you. Even if this is a piece of fruit, this will be better than eating without conscious thought; steer away from foods that will make you feel sluggish and bloated at the beginning of the day. Breakfast sets the tone for your whole day, so ensure your show yourself some love by getting it right.
Cora G.
If the place you’re staying at serves complimentary breakfasts, you can usually take stuff from there. Avoid the obvious red flags like cereal or pastries, though. If not, stay away from fast food places.
Alvin P.
I try preparing breakfast ahead and taking it with me
If I am on vacation or away for several days I at least take the things I know I won’t find there or wouldn’t be the quality I like.
Bill P.
This one can be tricky, being away from home you would like to try whatever local cuisine there is. For me it’s all about moderation (small amounts of indulgence). Lastly what I also do is I drink water before each meal and time my meals to be at least 15min, this way I fill up easily and avoid over eating or going back for seconds.
Elias Z.
I use a mix of Nutraceuticals Supplements ("Cleopatra" Shake is basically the everyday breakfast i use… for home, work, office or travels)
Marvin W.
I always go for eggs or oats. If I don’t think there will be any available readily it’s so easy to have a few packets of single serve oatmeal in my luggage. Otherwise at a hotel breakfast buffet or cafe I will order eggs and toast or two eggs anyway with cooked vegetables like tomato spinach or potato.
Oh and coffee !
Annie A.
I prepare something the day before I leave to make sure I have something I like. If that's not possible, I make sure I buy something for the morning as soon as I get to where I need to be.