Do you like overnight oatmeal? How does it compare to the stove top version?

Maya Z.
Yes! I love it! The texture is different because it's cold. It's difficult to explain the difference, but there's a slight grittiness to hot oats, specifically in whatever liquid you cook it with, that's absent from overnight oats made in the fridge. So it's smoother and the oats are very soft as opposed heated and falling apart. I like to make it in a small ball jar with sweetened vanilla almond milk and cut up bananas. I prefer the flavor of the almond milk.
Antoine G.
I prefer Overnight oats especially in the summer. It's so easy to throw everything in a jar the night before and it's just ready for you in the morning. It's reeeeeally hard to mess up overnight oats because you can't over or undercook it.
Travis S.
I’ve never done my oatmeal on the stove. I usually use hot water to make it. I do like the overnight oatmeal but for me is that it’s like eating cold cereal that isn’t crunchy. I have it on occasion this way but I personally love a hot breakfast over a cold one. Lately I’ve been have toast with guacamole an egg fried in coconut oil and a slice of cheese. Very filling and satisfying.
Andy O.
I have never tried overnight oatmeal but I do like the idea of having a good breakfast ready to go. I honestly think it’s a great idea if you don’t have the time to prepare breakfast in the morning. I actually will give this a try.
Christine U.
I dont know that ive had overnight oatmeal. I tend to start towards quick foods, especially in the morning. Protein shakes (maybe with some oatmeal in it) is a staple for me.
Mathieu E.
I prefer overnight oats better because I can make it the night before and not have to worry about making it in the morning
Undine J.
I don’t use either. I use instant oatmeal. It’s quicker for a busy schedule. All I have to do is pop it into the microwave, eat, and then go.
Scarlett W.
Yes I do!!! I enjoy it because you can make it ahead of time, so it is a quick breakfast option. I think overnight oats allow you a few more options for added nutrients like chia seeds or protein.
April U.
I really like overnight oatmeal, it’s easy to prep the night before and you can add whatever you want. I also really like that it gets soft and creamy but it doesn’t get gooey and sticky like stovetop oatmeal does. I like to add chia seeds, turmeric, cinnamon, honey, pecans, and berries to mine (but I add the berries and nuts in the morning).
Janet Q.
Yes, it’s quick, easy and can conveniently be prepared in advance. It’s generally eaten cold so I make it sweeter with maple syrup and vanilla extract. It doesn’t have the nice warming effect but is still tasty and a great idea for breakfast.
Evan T.
I like it because I can prepare it the night before, so it saves time during busy mornings. I also like that it’s portable so I can even eat it at work. You can flavor it any way you like, I love coconut milk & cocoa or raspberries.
Felix X.
I don't mind it but I prefer cooked porridge because part of the appeal of oats is that they are comforting and you only get that when they're warm
Mylan Y.
It is often better than the warm version. You can make and mix a variety of healthy dry ingredients in jars over the weekend and then add your preferred dairy or non-diary liquid when you feel the desire to have a great meal ready for you when you wake. Adding a dollop of Greek yogurt (flavor or choice) is a tasty way to thicken it up. Fruit and nuts to add a twist from day to day keeps the boredom away and If you really just want it warm…microwave away instead that day.
Constance S.
Overnight oatmeal is great!! It's just as tasty as stovetop oatmeal, and especially convenient for those times that you're running late. 😅
Ang Le O.
Hello, I like both actually. The overnight oatmeal is creamier, softer. The stove top version is, to me, more robust and hearty.
Amalie Z.
I like overnight oats because it allows me to wake up and have my breakfast prepared immediately. I also prefer to have it cold rather than hot.
Daryl S.
I do like overnight oatmeal, but just remember it’s not a hot comforting breakfast like stovetop. I’ve found it’s usually more gloopy than the stovetop version too. Something similar is chia seed pudding which you make with one part chia seeds to four parts milk or milk alternative, mixing, and putting in the fridge overnight. You can add some vanilla extract and maple syrup or honey to sweeten.
Ted R.
Overnight oats tend to be sweeter because they typically sit in milk or almond milk for a while. They are a good way to get breakfast in the morning provided you remember to make them the night before. Stove top oats are a great way to try savory options. Make them with a little soy sauce and some green onion. Very good!
Risiele F.
Overnight oatmeal is very different from the stovetop version. Cooking makes it mushier and often a bit slimy. Overnight oatmeal is chewy instead. I like both. I don’t heat the overnight variety so eat it more often during the summer. I like to use sprouted oats for overnight oatmeal. They have more flavor, in my opinion.
Just give it a try!
Ramon C.
Nope, I think it can be problem for your digestive system. If you eat a lot before you sleep, u can’t sleep very well. If u can’t sleep enough, you feel weak when u wake up morning.
Thomas P.
I prefer stovetop oatmeal. Overnight oatmeal is usually eaten cold. To me the combination of it being cold and mushy/slimy just grosses me out. The taste isn't much different but the textures are.
Dina X.
I’m not a big fan of oatmeal in general but sometimes do it it, in which case I prefer it warm with cinnamon and raisins.
Amandine Z.
I really don't like overnight oatmeal. At least the two flavors I've tried so, maybe I just haven't found one I like YET. I say give it try because you'll never know unless you TRY! 😁😋
Chris U.
I prefer the stove top. But, if in a hurry the quick pack oatmeal are really good! Stove top is fresh, and prepared to eat right away.
Charlene Z.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE 💕 oatmeal & oats. By itself, in and on almost anything, but I’ve honestly never tried to make my own overnight oats. I’ve seen it so many times on Pinterest and it looks delicious👅, so I can’t say if I like one more than the other but I can say that I am about 100% sure I would love it & it would be worth it.
Soan Q.
It's fairly similar if you reheat it in the morning. Thr main advantage is in case you add other seeds and grains into your bowl that take moisture slower that your oats ( thinking of quinoa in my particular case).
And it kinda saves you some time in the morning if you are not one to wake a couple of minutes earlier like me.
Franz Xaver U.
I use to eat overnight oatmeal there are some very delicious recipes on Pinterest. Not so great however if you are trying to lose weight.
Potira Z.
I actually don't like the stove top or overnight oatmeal. I can only eat the fruit and cream oatmeal in the packets. Any other oatmeal I can't eat it.
Teresa J.
I think ever kind of oatmeal can be appreciated. Some strive for simplicity, some for flavor, some for consistency and texture. I think oatmeal has so many variations that you couldn't possibly compare them to one another.
Ivan E.
I like the convenience of it but my mom has discouraged the intake of anything cold for breakfast since I was a kid so that’s something iffy for me still but I love it though actually. Kind of oxymoronic
Brian F.
I have only tried overnight oatmeal a few times but I wasn’t a fan. Maybe I did it wrong, but it just seemed a bit soggier to me.