Does it matter what time we have breakfast? If I eat at 11 AM, I have a later lunch and a bit lighter too.

Suzy N.
I think yes, because you'd be able to achieve more if you wake up early and have proper breakfast. Instead, having a small breakfast will not give you the sufficient energy to through your day. This answer isn't 100% right, this is only my opinion
Aldrovanda E.
My doctor recommended the book Bright Line Eating. One piece of advice is to only eat between 10 or 11 am and 7 PM. I'm a breakfast eater so I find it difficult to wait until 11 am.
Marcus S.
The best is first thing in the morninv or at least as soon as possible. Eating breakfast gives you fuel for the day, prevents you from going hungry and tired.
Jessica J.
I should really be trying to eat at the same time everyday so that I can get my body into a rhythm for digestion and all that good stuff.
Villads X.
I used to do intermittent fasting to lose weight. But now it’s kind of a habit. If yo eat at least 4 hours after you wake up, you won’t feel “ starving “ and your meal portion is lighter too. Besides, ever since I started this fasting routine, I notice that my digestive system works a lot better. Since you cannot eat, you will find yourself drink a lot more water, which is very beneficial. I don’t think the specific eating time matters, I think the fasting period and eating period do.
Erin Z.
I think it's better to eat earlier because it helps you have the energy for your day and it's healthier to eat after you wake up.
Deise E.
El tiempo depende de la hora que te levantes y lo mas importantes es que no pase mas de media hora. Cada persona tiene que tener su meta personal. Y siempre comer de 3 a 4 horas por eso te va ayudar a que tu cuerpo tenga la gasolina necesaria para el dia!
Harold S.
It doesn't matter. I do the same thing but then I just shuffle my lunch and dinner to later times. The important thing is that you have breakfast.
Victor Z.
I’m not a big first thing in the morning breakfast eater, either. Having something first thing is supposed to get your metabolism burning. Maybe have a few bites of something when you get to work and then have your breakfast at 11? I totally see your point about eating later and this is just a suggestion. Really, the best thing is to listen to your body. I hope this helps! 🙂
Iolene P.
It depends on what works the best for you. A good part of the time, eating breakfast earlier can give more energy to start the day with. However, on the other side of the spectrum, the practice of intermittent fasting, which is only eating in a specific time period during the day (for example, only eating between the hours of 11am and 7pm) is also a effective method for having more energy and losing weight. Obviously, do what makes the most sense for you.
Emil W.
I don't think it matter what time you wake up. You can either have a lighter breakfast and push lunch time. Or you can have brunch. 🙂
Sophie O.
I believe it doesn’t really matter what time you have breakfast as long as you are having breakfast and making it a regular part of your day. The main thing is to break the fast to regain energy. So as long as you make eating breakfast a regular part of your routine, you are making an awesome start to your day no matter when.
Sandra O.
From medical point of view, it does not matter, however from habit building point of view, it's better that you have your breakfast always at the same time (i.e. 6 am or 11 am)
Claire Q.
I have breakfast the same time every morning. If I plan on playing tennis tThat morning I eat a light breakfast with strawberries and toast.
Frederik G.
While it doesn't matter much when you have your meals as long as you are consistent, it's generally a good idea to not delay breakfast if you wake up early as your body will be craving for nutrition soon after.
Nikolaj G.
i don’t think it matters but I would eat something small before going out of the house in the am. So today I had a banana. And a second breakfast with a Bagel around 11am and then only a small lunch cause I worked out over lunch. I think it’s whatever works best for you as long as you do achieve your goals and have consistency most of the time.
Nikolaus F.
I don’t think I matters the time of day as long as it is right after you get up. You need to start your day off by eating breakfast as part of your “morning routine”. The actual time does not matter.
Jen P.
If having a later breakfast makes your body feel better and more refreshed, than you should definitely do that. Be careful though, because eating too late at night can cause problems for your body.
Leroy T.
I think everybody is different. What suits one person may not suit another. Perhaps listening to your body is the best guide.
Victoria S.
I think in these cases it is probably better to go off of how you feel. If your hungry at 2 or 3 then eat, but you just might be able to make it until dinner time. If this is the case a big dinner should be in your plans!
Craig J.
Yes it does matter what time you have breakfast. The general recommendation is to have it 30mins to a hour after waking up to start your metabolism for the day
Jacob Z.
Yes it matters. We all have a fantastic internal clock system inside of our body. This internal clock system guides our all oregans especially our organs of life such as brain and heart. The working period of liver is about to 9 am to 11 am. So it's so important to have breakfast at least before 9 o'clock in the morning and also try to don't take any foods between to 11 am. 11 am means it's almost lunch. It's not a healthy habit. So try to take your breakfast at least before 9 o'clock in the morning. If you try you can do no matter how hard it would be. We don't know what we could until we try.
Olivia Y.
Good question. As the later and lighter lunch suggests, a later breakfast does have an impact. However you have the insight into whether it matters – when you eat breakfast late, do you notice any difference during the day or evening? Perhaps you find you're more lethargic when you eat late; or to the contrary, a lighter lunch might keep you from teetering on the edge of a slumber.
Mat O O.
I often work late at night and get up later and probably I’ve been leaving later at night too. So I think whatever time it is it’s important to balance your blood sugar if you want to be productive. So just spacing out meals and sounds like what you’re doing. Are used to have breakfast first thing in the morning but sometimes I wait an hour or so and that seems to be fine. Sometimes I wonder though whether The old adage of early to bed early to rise makes a person healthy wealthy and wise is true, in which case I better change my time to go to bed and rise.
Ceril Nia F.
I think it really depends on the circumstances. If you wake up like at 10:30 am or something, I don’t really see a problem with you having breakfast at 11. However, if you wake up at 8 am or so, I wouldn’t recommend you to wait that long to have breakfast because your body needs energy, and you get that energy from your food. If you don’t eat, you might slow your metabolism and might have health problems in the long run. Remember to never spend more than 12 hours without eating something
Rupert Y.
It depends on several factors like your work. For instance, you are a call Center agent, I don’t expect you to take breakfast at the same time with those with normal office hours. The important thing is that before you start to work, your body is fully nourished.
Karl Heinrich R.
I think is important at what time we do breakfast, because it will change all the others timing in your day. Sometimes it happens that I wake up at 12 am, but in this case I do a very little breakfast, only tea or yogurt because I don't want to posticipate a lot the lunch.
Cristina J.
It matters more what you’re eating than when you eat it. I usually don’t like eating early but I know if I have a decent breakfast then I won’t be as hungry throughout the day
Mathilde O.
I don't think it will matter when you have breakfast, just making it after you wake up is the important thing. But if a person works at a night shift job and lives at night, his/her sleep pattern will change. Thats why it doesnt matter.
Samuel Z.
I established this habit for myself as well… when I wake up I drink a glass of water kefir and a green tea while I’m writing my Morning pages… I eat breakfast around 11AM and have lunch later in the day.
Dale G.
I don’t think it matters what time we breakfast. As long as you eat within an hour of waking up from your typical 7hr+ sleep.
Joseph T.
I think it really depends on whether 11 am is the time you start your day, I. E. Wake up. A breakfast generally has the time stamp for a morning meal, however that is due to the time majority people wake up and start their day. I would say if you are waking up around 11am then the time shouldn't matter. However if you are up prior this I would recommend you have your breakfast sooner.
Maurice S.
Breakfast is basically when you break your fast for the day, so your first meal. There is no set time, and it depends on the diet of every person. For instance, i eat my first meal at 12, and although for most people it is "lunch time" for me it's a "breakfast lunch". I eat lunch, but it is also the breaking of my fast.
Sheila T.
Treat your breakfast as a fuel to start your day. So earlier you get the fuel, better are your chances of going for a long ride without any stop. It is as simple as that. It is recommended to have a breakfast within one hour of waking up to have the best 'fuel' effect.
Alexander C.
No, it doesn’t matter as long as you do it as soon as you wake up. However, generally it’s better to eat breakfast earlier in the day (7-9) in order to eat every meal of the day. For example, let’s say you wake up at 11 and eat breakfast. You might eat a smaller snack in between but you won’t feel hungry until around 4 hours later, so you’ll eat lunch at 3. This might result in you eating your dinner later, thus falling asleep later and therefore waking up later – making it a vicious cycle. So generally it’s mostly about whether your inner clock is set at, if you’re okay with waking up later. However, I advise you to google our inner clock as we’re programmed to eat at a certain time and feel better if we follow it. It’s also important to note that eating late at night can contribute to factors such as weight gain and lack of sleep, which itself causes a lot of problems. In the end do whatever you feel is best for YOU, but a quick google search might give you further clarity. Hope this helped and good luck on your journey!
Florence F.
It doesn’t matter! Breakfast means “to break the fast”, so you should eat a healthy breakfast soon after you wake up (whenever you wake up) to get the energy and nutrients you need to start the day. If you’re feeling too heavy after breakfast and lunch, consider eating a nutritious breakfast around 8am and having a very light lunch (such as a salad) around 1.30pm. If you’re a late riser (like me) just opt for a nutritious brunch around 11am-12pm then healthy snacks later on in the day before dinner. I hope this helped!
Johanne N.
Well, it depends. What if it didn't go as planned? What if you are too much at lunchtime? Then when will your dinner be? 9PM? And we all know that eating late at night isn't very good for your body, right? It could cause sleep and digestive problems (as far as I know). So, if you're that very discipline guy and knows how to control your mind and body, well, you can take the risk. But, if you always get off the track and could never get discipline, you'd better no to risk it. After all, being able to eat at the right time is something you should be grateful of and you should keep up with it, unless something prevents you from keeping up with that wonderful gift of healthy habit.
Tommy B.
I matters depending on your activities for the day, for example I usualy have a good amount of physical activity at work requiering a lot of energy, if I don't take an early breakfast I justo don't have enough energy and due to the type of activity I most likely wont even be able to take a late breakfast. So yeah, depends on the daily situation.
Leslie J.
No, it doesn't matter. As long as you are following the habit of drinking water, and then eating a good breakfast; as it pertains to the medical, religious, or other needed requirements for your life.
Charly T.
It’s best to have your breakfast within the first hour after waking up, then, have a fruit for snack at 11 to keep your metabolism going and feel satisfied
Eline Z.
Yes it matters. If you don't eat first thing in the morning then you're really pushing your body to use fuel that isn't there – i.e. Depleting your body of resources that it shouldn't be giving up for daily use. The closer you eat to wake up time the more you're giving your body the nutrients it needs after a full 12 hours of no fuel from the night before.
T Cio T.
11AM is too loner gap and is not good for health in long run. Hence it's better to have breakfast by 8 AM and 11AM some fruits or nuts or salad.
Oscar Z.
All of our routines are different, and are likely to change depending on what we have going on in our lives. No matter what time you wake up, always try to set your body up by fuelling it with breakfast. If you have breakfast slightly later, that’s fine too, because you’re still having breakfast nonetheless.
Jano T.
I think the time does matter. I tend to eat more later in the evening if I have a late breakfast. The reverse is true if i eat within an hour of waking in the morning.