What do you eat when you’re in a rush?

Anthony J.
Fruit! A banana or apple is my go to because they're ready to carry and don't require any utensils. If you don't mind holding a container/utensils you can do other, more involved fruit, like berries or pineapple, for example. Add Greek yogurt (no sugar added) into the fruit mix for a boost in protein, calories and fullness potential!

Kayla U.
Hello. I prefer not to rush so i do my best to not have to rush eating. If i am late for some reasone, i prefer not to eat at all. I recomend to have something that is filling at least for some time, ex.: Müsli, some ham in fridge or maybe just some bread and gem. Good luck.

Samantha F.
I always get in a rush when I am late for school and sometimes I didn't even have time to do my breakfast otherwise I eat some dry fruits like almonds, walnuts , raisins and some dates with one glass of milk . Milk is compulsory for me, I can miss my dryfruits, my lunch box ,my fruits but I can't miss my milk I can't go to school if I didn't finish my glass of milk