I don’t really like cereal so I replace it with other things. What do you eat to replace cereal?

💚 N.
Usually I have buttered whole meal toast with sliced tomato and salt and pepper on top. I like it because it is filling and healthy and it also tastes really good.
Sophia R.
I think that I would have some sort of healthy trail mix that would provide the same sort of idea of bits of food rather than a huge pancake. Also trail mix is generally a healthier choice, even if it isn’t a common breakfast food.
Nora J.
I eat oatmeal, yogurt with granola, breakfast sandwiches, or protein shakes. These are all healthier options and make me feel better in the morning.
Roy O.
I like to break my meals down into macro nutrients (carbs, fats and proteins). So, I try to build my breakfasts around that. Eggs for protein, slice of toast for carbs, with peanut butter on it for fats.
Sandra Q.
Hello fabulous, I don’t eat cereal, but I do eat a bowl of fruits with some raw honey, sprinkle with some hemp seed or flax seed . I am still discovering my way into eating healthy, but I will get there, I hope this help you. We are all fabulous. Xoxo
Charly P.
I like to eat toast with peanut butter and bananas in the morning. But really you can eat anything! No rules on breakfast food, so eating dinner leftovers works too.
Samantha O.
I'm a huge fan of oatmeal, and not the microwave kind. I like the flaxseed and berries and whole oats either soaked overnight (preferred) or as a substitute for high sugar granola in a homemade parfait. When I'm trying to go lighter, nuts and berries!
Beccah X.
Cereal is not the healthiest breakfast food because it is typically very high in carbohydrates and lacking in good fats and protien.
Eggs are a great substitute, whole, rolled oats with nuts or peanutbutter in it will keep you energized for longer. A protein shake is a great, quick breakfast food that often has all the macro and micronutrients you'll need to start the day right.
Xhris R.
Eggs… either scrambled, omlette or simply fried. I usually add a slice of Gouda cheese, or some thin sliced ham. All these with some vegetables, such as a sliced red pepper, a fresh tomato, radish or green salad. And there you have a great breakfast in not more than 15 minutes. 🤤
Jennifer N.
I’m not sure what you mean by replacing cereal but rye toast and peanut butter is my go to, with fruit or a banana on the side
Nicoletta F.
I don’t really like cereal either. What I eat instead is a thick smoothie bowl with fresh fruit and nuts on top, or oatmeal also with fresh fruit and nuts.
Alex L.
I usually eat oatmeal. I don't eat oatmeal by itself and I don't like the flavored ones. What I usually do is I put some honey in the oatmeal and then I put fruits in it if I feel like it. And then on the side if I hadn't put any fruit in the oatmeal, sometimes I'll eat it straight with honey, I will make a fruit smoothie on the side.
Kamilla N.
I replaced my daily cereal with steele cut oatmeal. I also add toppings such as honey and berries because I miss the sweetness of cereal.
Ignacio X.
Try oats with some banana and yogurt. Don’t forget to cook the oats with milk. Great thing about oats is you don't eat processed sugar