I often am on the go in the morning meeting clients or on site locations and need a breakfast option that 1) travels well and 2) is appropriate to eat while traveling or in front of others. Any suggestions?

Kurt J.
A protein shake with oatmeal, nuts, milk, sesame seeds and a fruit like banana is a good grab-and-go breakfast and save much time than sitting and having cereal.

Anna Z.
Simple! You could just take dry fruits and milk or salad or sprouts. If the meeting is not having any restrictions you can take anything you want because what you feel is good is good. Stay happy 💜🤗!

Arron O.
Typically we reach for snacks or granola bars for quick breakfasts, but they lack the nutrition we need for our bodies to have plenty of energy for the day. Maybe try making breakfast smoothies in the morning (with fruit, greens, and protein powder). Meal prepping some breakfast wraps could also be an option as well. Even homemaking your own granola can be a fun too!

Rebecca F.
You can add fruits in your breakfast. You can eat them wherever you are. Cut the fruit into small pieces and put them in a box with a fork.

Whisper V.
In my case, I would mix some fruit, nuts, and just a little yogurt together, then wrap it in a crepe or two (like a burrito). Light but nutritious, and easy to munch on one-handed. If you're not confident it'll hold up, you may want to then wrap that in a napkin or similar, for added insurance against mess. You could even use a cloth one with a fun but appropriate print.

Haley R.
Protein shakes! They are at minimum enough to hold you over for a few hours or a quick way to get some protein in you system and you body up and running in the mornings.

Malthe X.
This is a bit of a stereotype. But I've got one of those tuperware mugs I fill up with low fat yogurt and Muesli/Granola. My friends do this the night before so the flakes already expand. Make sure you've added a spoon! 😉😁

My second option is a healthy bar of some sort, but that's my emergency option. I also have some crackers and spread ready-made… But they're not the best food to eat in public or with a client! 😅

Briseida I.
If you're willing to do some prep work and cooking, breakfast summer spring rolls or egg muffins are a great way to make your breakfast travel friendly! If you don't have much time to do a lot of cooking and preparing, then maybe overnight oats or chia seed pudding would be the a great quick and easy travel friendly option. You can dress those up with any toppings or fruit options you might like.

Kelly Q.
If you don’t have time to make breakfast maybe u should think about grabbing a apple/banana on the way out, a energy bar or even some mixed nuts(raisins, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds,etc.) u put them in a box and eat while traveling or even in front of your clients. Just don’t grab muffins or anything like that because they will give a spike of energy for like 30 minutes but then you will have a sugar crash and be tired the rest of the day and we don’t want that. Hope i helped.

Alberte Y.
I usually make sure to have a protein shake or meal prep. That way it is always easy to grab and go. Perhaps be sure to keep some granola bars or fruit handy.

Maritana Y.
I think that a good breakfast to eat on the go as well as in front of others would be a handful of nuts, a granola bar or protein bar and maybe a piece of fruit

Sabrina E.
buy some type of portable and put in ur coffee or some drink , for solid i normally prefer not to but some type of fruit like an apple or something doesn’t look to bad

Antonin Y.
im a shampoo girl and i only have time to eat a little bit at a time in between clients what would be something good to pack that i can slowly munch on through out work

Dani N.
I think maybe a wrap or a muffin and an apple. A wrap is easy enough to grab and go and can include all food groups. If you make muffins yourself you can tone down the use of sugar and include nuts for a bit of protein and add in a fruit or veggie on the side.

Nakita Y.
My favourite breakfast at the moment is Greek yoghurt, granola and honey, with strawberries and blueberries!! Easy, delicious, and keeps well overnight.

Savannah E.
Oatmeal is a good idea. You can add in whatever you like as far as toppings go such as almonds and honey and it doesn’t take long to make.

Leila R.
I would say take a serving of fruit (whether it’s an apple or multiple strawberries) and a protein or healthy muesli bar! Or put any ordinary breakfast from like oats to hummus and capsicum in a container for easy portability!

Salma O.
There is no doubt that your body needs these energy
But if you shame to eat infront of your co-worker
You can make a sandwich and eat in hidden placd then have a light breakfast whit your caulige

Cathy E.
The first thing that comes to mind is fresh fruit, like bananas, apples, pears. Or you can make a homemade breakfast sandwich using whole grain English muffins with whatever healthy fillings you like.

Skyy N.
Oatmeal cups all you have to do is put a little bit of water warm it up in the microwave for 1:00min then go you could eat that with a piece of fruit and water

Gabriel S.
I really enjoy soft baked Belvitas! They don’t have any odor, are mostly tidy (aside from the crumbs), and can definitely fit in a purse or bag. I think they have varieties with protein as well

Liya E.
Sandwich is a a really good option. Although bananas and eggs in the morning are for people who have got no time for the heavyweight breakfast routine, it’s not practical to eat boiled egg in public spaces mainly because of the smell. Maybe you can choose vegetables like carrots and fruits like apple and make a mixed fruit juice that will energise you till the next meal. Or you can prepare banana and peanut butter smoothie the night before, keep it in the fridge and take it out in a convenient bottle for the next morning. No problem at all with public display of that ;).

Shreya N.
Something that travells well and is appropriate to eat in front of others can be 1) rice 2) omlete 3) breads these are the three things for your situation. Enjoy

Aahana F.
Hello, I have a very good breakfast suggestion for you. You can make a smoothie bowl and carry it in a tiffin. Here is the recipe: take one banana, one teaspoon chia seeds, two teaspoons oats, half spoon cocoa powder, one spoon protein powder, one spoon peanut butter and a glass of almond milk or soya milk. You can also take plain milk. Just blend them and serve with some fruits topped. You can add Kiwi, Dragon fruit, melon, mango, apple or any fruit to the top. And as you go to office, you can carry it in your tiffin. This will make you feel full till the lunch and it is a very healthy breakfast.

Periwinkle A.
When I myself have these moments, I easily take a quick look around and find my options-a granola bar? String cheese? Anything is better than nothing, even if the healthier options are a little more challenging to find! Just try to have something healthy to go with any sweets you might find along the way if you feel that is what you need to do for you and follow your gut from there. Good luck!