I can’t eat oats or eggs and am starting to avoid bread. And fruits on an empty stomach don’t do me well. So I am finding it really hard to think of what to eat for breakfast. Any ideas?

Elnaz N.
In my idea shakes with nuts would be a nice choice for you. Give it a try and if you have problem with cow milk you can try plant milk forexample almond milk.
Summayah S.
Eat cereals like corn flakes, rice krispies and any other packaged ones available at your grocery store. With a little bit of sugar and enough milk.
That's how I start my day and I feel good throughout the morning.
Pamela F.
As i do regularly in the morning is to the previous day food i don't know but it still feels fresh after eating it.Eating previous day food is actually very healthy and beneficial for our health. Keep it in the refrigerator for over night and have it next morning.If not this food u can go with some biscuits and tea to refresh your mind I personally don't drink tea but it's Kells you active and energetic all day.If you don't eat fruits then make a smoothie of your favourite flavour. If not anything then ypu can have buns with nutella and bread or peanut butter that is also soo good for health and with that you vpcan have turmaric milk.
Katherine G.
Cheese on toast, avo and tomato on toast, tofu scramble, oatmeal, pre made savoury veggie muffins, yoghurt with some muesli, protein shake on its own, a big breakfast minus the egg, even things like pasta or left overs from the night before. Breakfast doesn’t have to be “breakfasty” it can be whatever meal you want. Just make sure you’re getting enough fats, carbs and protein