Can you provide a week-long suggested daily list of good breakfasts?

Gerda U.
Monday-Whole grain bread toasted with mashed avocado or homemade guacamole
Tuesday-sautés spinach and minced garlic, add diced tomatoes/peppers or whatever veggies..use vegetable stock to sauté, then scramble eggs in
Weds-blend blueberries and makes delicious blueberry pudding, you don’t taste the avocado
Thursday-avocado toast with capers
Friday-cut up melons, fruit, granola on dairy-free yogurt-parfait
Saturday-scrambled eggs, salsa, chalua, in a tortilla
sunday-sweet potatoes patties with fried egg and sautéed spinach
Math O I.
Well there is many options to choose from an apple to a buffae but it all depemds on you. You have to determine how hungry you are and choose the right breakfast for you. Some ideas are: porridge,fruits and nuts, boiled eggs, baked beans, protien bars, salads, sandwhiches. Just make sure you include some kind of protien source and remember a little bit of carbs wont hurt they give you energy. Try to stay away from fat and bakery products
Jessica E.
A pack of almonds in your work bag for those rushed mornings. 2 eggs & coffee for a simple straightforward day. Eggcups for when you're grabbing as you run out the door. A nice omlette w spinache & feta & toast for a good Sunday morning breakfast. Scrambled eggs w cheese and buttered toast for some easy variety. Just plain old peanut butter if you're really in the mood.
Ma Lle C.
An apple with peanut butter or an english muffin with peanut butter are my favorites. Or scrambled or over easy eggs with avocado. In a hurry I usually just grab an energy bar! I’d definitely like to start incorporating nuts into my breakfast.
Madjer Z.
Multigrain bread, singles guacamole, singles hummus, peanut butter, bananas, eggs, yogurt and frozen berries.

This will allow you to make guac toast w a fried egg, peanut butter banana toast, hummus toast w fried egg, yogurt cups and fresh berries. If you want to get even more healthy, get you some veggies, mix w greens and fruit for a smoothie. I use orange juice as my base to mask the veggies.

Rosa O.
I struggle with breakfast, but some things I’ve been trying lately have been – eggs, Greek Yogurt with fruit, overnight oats, toaster waffles. Smoothies are good too.
Heino O.
Oatmeal with any fruit is a perfect breakfast! An omelette with bacon bits and spinach is so delicious. A fruit smoothie is cool and refreshing. Almond milk with frozen fruit is sorta like a cereal but without the cereal😂. Scrambled eggs with a side of veggies really fills me up in the morning. Somtimes all you have time for is a handful of nuts in a rush, but they are still very good. Avocado, egg, & bacon bits on toast is soooooooo incredible! A almond butter and fruit sandwich is sweet and savory for a scrumptious change. A salad topped with scrambled egg and bacon bits shakes up what I usually eat. Overnight oats with chia seeds is perfect for meal prepping before hand.
Andrew W.
Greek yogurt w/ granola and berries; scrambled eggs with mushrooms; avocado and egg sandwich on a whole wheat bread; half a green apple and half a banana with almond butter.
Titouan T.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, mostly because it’s what gives us energy to have a good day. I say that for breakfast, you should have a meal that doesn’t involve lots of sugar; sugar gets you hyped for just a little amount of time, but not for the whole day.

Oats, toast, fruit, and such more are good breakfast items!

D Bia A.
Overnight oats/oatmeal topped with fruit and cinnamon, egg and avocado toast, smoothie/smoothie bowl, scrambled eggs and side of fruit, fruit and yogurt parfait, pancakes topped with berries or bananas, veggie omelette. These are some of my favorite breakfasts and are super easy and quick to make! I hope this helps! 😊
Krin A.
Monday – avocado toast
Tuesday – yogurt with granola and berries
Wednesday- protein smoothie
Thursday – oatmeal with berries
Friday- fresh fruit with peanut butter toast
Saturday- pancakes (it's the weekend !)
Sunday – overnight oats
Kl Re F.
Smoothie's. Favorite granola, dry or as cereal (I mix mine with frosted flakes and dried cranberries). Cold rice with a side of protein and some soy sauce. Cream of rice (like cream of wheat, or grits, but with rice) usually sweet and sprinkled with favorite bacon. Or just sweet rice, if I can't find the boxed one in stores. My brother lives on pb&j in the mornings. He toasts it. It's pretty good. Tea and regular toast. Bagels, as fancy or plain as you like (includes bagel sandwiches).
Terumi S.
Ok so I have porridge everyday as it’s such a good vegan option but I do different types so banana and cinnamon, carrot cake, mixed berry, berry compot, cinnamon apple and then pancakes on the weekend
C Ntia N.
I don't know if this is any use but I have either a vanilla or coffee huel.
3 scoop is about 450cal. It's a complete food with the perfect balance of macro and micronutrients. It makes one thing easier in the morning.
I don't work for them at all or have anything to do with them apart from buying their products.
Hans Karl X.
Breakfast smoothies:
Tropical, banana passionfruit mango orange
Green goddess, strawberry banana spinach orange
M&s premade packets, strawberry banana coconut oats

Breakfast egg muffins, with tomato spinach onions and chilli

Breakfast burrito, with egg bacon tomato avocado

Jacinta F.
Avocado Toast with a side of berries
Oatmeal with blueberries
RxBar and coffee
Eggs with chopped roasted turkey
Leftovers from dinner
Peanut butter on a dry rice cake with sliced banana
Repeat your favorite from the week

Nikolaj Y.
I I usually have a scrambled egg with bacon and half of a cinnamon raisin bagel or a piece of toast. I'll have a bottle of water and with my breakfast I'll have a cup of hot tea or a cup of hot coffee. That's everyday for me. The bacon is not every day, though I do have the egg everyday. Only because I could survive off of eggs. I do make sure to drink a bottle of water every morning before I eat anyting that is the most important thing to me is having that bottle of water.
Giulia E.
Monday – PB and banana bagel
Tuesday – Yogurt with berries
Wednesday – Crumpet with nut butter
Thursday – Oatmeal
Friday – Breakfast burrito (Tortilla with scrambled eggs, cheese and protein of ur choice)
Saturday – bagel with cream cheese and cucumbers
Sunday – rice cake with avocado
Diocl Ia S.
Monday – yogurt and granola
Tuesday – banana and peanut butter
Wednesday – bagel and cream cheese
Thursday – mixed nuts and berries
Friday – eggs and toast
Saturday – oatmeal
Sunday – protein ball
Morris Z.
Monday: oatmeal with berries
Tuesday: a breakfast burrito (eggs, black beans, cheese, and tortilla)
Wednesday: non-sugary cereal with milk and fruit
Thursday: a yogurt and berry smoothie
Friday: oatmeal with fruit
Saturday: an egg omelette with vegetables
Sunday: yogurt with granola and banana or other fruit
Louise U.
Monday-tofu breakfast burrito w/ hummus
Green tea
Tuesday- eggs w/peppers and mushrooms and spinach
Snap peas
Wednesday- whole wheat toast w/almond butter and banana slices
Snap peas and hummus
Green tea
Thursday- breakfast burrito w/ eggs, hummus, black bean salsa
Apple slices
Friday- overnight oats with almond butter and strawberries
Snap peas
Green tea
Saturday- smoothie w/protein powder, strawberries, banana, almond milk, and almond butter.
Sunday- whole wheat toast w/ egg on top
Apple slices
Green tea
Katrina S.
For a week long breakfast schedule, it has to be good for you, easy to digest, and I would say preferably under 200 calories since I focus on keeping under 1500 calories all day.
I would say some good breakfast options would be: a peanut butter spread on a bagel, a serving of Special K cereal with 2% milk, and maybe a cheat breakfast meal of 2 eggs cooked up with olive oil and maybe some beans.
These are just some ideas, but generally, you want to keep it easy to digest and easy to fix up and easy to eat. I generally take 20 minutes to eat my breakfast, and I choose 1 of these 3, so I don't get bored. I could eat peanut butter on a a bagel all week, but I have to keep an eye on that, I will burn myself on this yummy breakfast haha.
Ronald J.
Ihave a protein smoothie in the morning with fruit and soy milk. One day I had a pancake and another I had some banana bread
Regiane S.
-Farina with some sugar free syrup, almonds, chia seeds and bananas
-An apple with peanut butter
-PB&J sandwich
-Steal cut oats with fruit
-Nuts and seeds and a piece of fruit
-Whole wheat pancakes topped with fruit and sugar free syrup
– Whole wheat waffles with fruit and oats
Cristina J.
I personally have unseasoned boiled eggs, oatmeal with banana/strawberries/ blueberries/etc. and honey or a little bit of cinnamon, and an apple afterwards.
Gavin Z.


Emilie Z.
Chia seed pudding
Avocado toast
Apple with a nut or seed butter
Protein shake with low sugar fruit
Left over dinner
T Rkan O.
Day 1:
Yogurt/Granola/fresh fruit
(That’s what I had this morning)

Day 2:
Hard boiled eggs with fancy mustard or something

Day 3:
Smoothie / eggs on wheat toast

Day 4:
Omelet (go easy on the cheese). sauté some yummy veggies and slams ‘em in there

Day 5:
Bananas and peanut butter. Maybe you should have more than this… but just grab a spoon and go at it if you’re feeling wild

Day 6:
I like salad 🥗

Day 7:
Tofu scramble. Slap some nice spices on there so it tastes good

Craig N.
Greek yogurt, fresh berries and granola; scrambled egg with brocolli and hummus in a whole wheat tortilla; banana berry spinach Greek yogurt smoothie; hard boiled egg and Canadian bacon; whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana; breakfast burrito with feta, salsa and Greek yogurt instead of sour cream; plain oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon
Oscar E.
Well I’m the kind of person happy enough to eat the same thing for. Few days in a row. But: porridge, maybe on alternate days. If you like muesli and yoghurt; couple of scrambled eggs on sourdough toast; maybe once a week or once a fortnight—-bacon! Can’t go wrong with bacon from time to time