What do you do if you don’t have enough time to make breakfast?

Karlfried Q.
I always try to have time for breakfast. However there are times when I would just eat a light meal if the time for breakfast is limited.
Joanne J.
Well I like to keep some easy grab and go foods in the kitchen like bananas or granola bars so that if you are in a hurry you grab those and eat them while heading to wherever you need to go.
Naod F.
If it’s a priority you can always make time! Plan ahead! Carve out time to prep eggs boiled or baked with veggies. Have trail mix in a bag or container. Take a piece of fruit or granola bar. There is always something you can have on the go that’s also healthy if you plan for it!
Emine G.
Because I wake up at 7:00-7:15 am, shower and get ready, around 7:45 I have to leave the house for work. Around 8 I start working but I am so busy to have breakfast. For example it’s 10:06 in Turkey and I didn’t have my breakfast yet.
Lila Q.
Usually i dont eat anything. I will aim to change that. In the scenario where i do not have time, i will either prep ahead, or take something to go.
Arizona P.
When I don't have enough time to make breakfast, it's definitely because I'm running late. Hence, I either don't eat at all (and usually have nothing to bring with me to quickly eat on the way), or I try to squeeze in a mini hot drink or even add a little something easy to consume.
Andy U.
Try to prepare it before hand, if I know that I will not have to much time, if that's not possible then grab a fruit, cookies, and water
Salvador C.
Sometimes this does happen. It’s unavoidable, but thats okay. What i’d usually do is look for an energy bar, maybe some fruit, maybe some toast if you had the time, and definitely something to drink. Like water, since it usually works the best at filling me!
Rowan Z.
If i skip breakfast at 7 am because i was sleeping i will try to take it when i wake up.
If i don't have time to make breakfast i will take my Detox drink,eat 5 pieces of Dates and then take my latte
Isabelle P.
If I had the opportunity, I would buy breakfast somewhere. Assuming I had the finances for it. But I like eating at home so I would probably prepare something the night before. That way I would only need time to eat my breakfast.
Brett Z.
It doesn't really happen to not have enough time to make breakfast, because I am waking up early in the morning, to make sure that I have enough time to do my morning routine
Nagy Y.
I just grab something on the go, like some bananas and nuts, or some dairy product that can still provide me with energy