I hate breakfast and energy bars! Do you have any good replacements that stay fresh for as long as those bars do?

Hilda Dean
I like meal replacement shakes in the morning, it's quick, easy, customizable and all you have to do is add water or the liquid of your choice.

Alivar Da mata
It’s pretty easy to make your own energy bars! That way, you can tailor them to your diet and taste preferences. They usually don’t have as long a shelf life as packaged bars, because they don’t have preservatives. If you hate breakfast, but want to eat it – try experimenting with over night oats or smoothies (you can make them taste however you like), or “non-breakfast” type foods like sandwiches, fruits and berries, soups or stews, etc.

Mercedes Teixeira
A Nice smoothie with fruits, not fat lactose free milk or yoghurt and flavoured protein powder (or just cocoa if you prefer). You can also add seeds or nuts

Sylke Warnke
You can eat fresh or dried fruits. I usually eat dried apricots because it helps working digestion system. İt's also so delicious.

Norma Pires
I struggle with breakfast ideas. Bananas give me severe stomach pain and eggs cause nausea. So this limits alot of breakfast recipes for me.

Delfino Alves
I’m not sure anything truly healthy will stay fresh as long as those energy bars do! That being said, I’m frequently on the move and can’t always stick to a freshly made breakfast. I’ve found having a supply of dried fruit (the real kind, without sugar and preservatives) on hand, with some raw nuts and an apple or two is pretty satisfying and keeps me going.

Joann Gordon
I usually keep granola paired with milk or yogurt for a rushed breakfast. Sometimes I have instant oats, nuts and any fresh fruit I have in the fridge. Dried fruits will also do. If you do this, you’d be eating something like a deconstructed energy bar. 🙂

Timothee Boyer
I had a friend who also hated the breakfast and energy bars. She has tried to make milkshakes that has fruits, ,milk (soy, coconut, almond, cow) d8fferent typea of energy seeds such as flaxseeds and chia seeds. She would have it all mixed together. That would light breakfast which is also very healthy.

Leona Mendoza
Ummmmm, well I usually have eggs which work really well. You could also have cereal, it might not always taste the best but they can give you a lot of protein. You could also have some fruit.

Esmeraldo Gomes
Sometimes I make little eggy cup spinach and feta muffins. I freeze them and pop them in the microwave when I’m on the run. They last for ages when they are frozen

Insa Eppler
I’ll never forget seeing athlete Arnold Schwarzenegger saying milk is for babies as he prepped for one of his body building competitions. He was eating an orange. Natures packet of balance and sweet perfection. Yum!

Cassandra Aubert
A pint Mason jar of overnight oats will last a few days in the fridge. You can prep a week's worth at a time and they can all be different flavors.

Oscar Flores
I never like eating breakfast in the morning but regardless, it's more important to have that than an energy bar. As they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Lenny Deschamps
You can make a healthy breakfast cake and put it in the freezer. Cut it in portions and take one out the evening before. There are a lot of good receipts online. Or maybe a smoothie? Buy a blender, some fruit and vegetables and yoghurt. Make a smoothie with not to much fruit, because they contain a lot of sugar.

Enzo Michel
I hate breakfast too. Unless it’s a social, mimosas, eggs Benedict kind of breakfast.

I have been having good luck with sous vide eggs bites. But Starbucks is way too expensive for an every day habit. You can get some pre made from Costco that are pretty reasonable and keep for like 6 weeks in the refrigerator.

Also possible to make your own either sous vide or instant pot. Or maybe some mini muffins with eggs. Good luck!

Shane Andrews
I personally don’t like breakfast bars either, so I’ve gotten some good options. First, you could try Overnight Oats. You make them in like, 5 minutes during the night at eat them easily in the morning! Another great option is Fruit Popsicles. You take a popsicle mold, then put in one layer of healthy yogurt, one layer of fruit, and you keep on going. Then, pop them in the freezer and you’re done!

Alexa George
I recently replaced my breakfast with a ‘bulletproof coffee’ / butter coffee and it has been great. It’s mentioned in this video (among other great habits) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fqseGkj77ic Give it a try 🙂

Harry Medina
What do you exactly hate about breakfast?
My solution is simple because I don't have apetite at the morning so I pre prepare my meal withsmall portions of multiple protien sources that are easy to digest, put them in a meal box and take it the second morning. My favorite is boiled eggs

Rémy Gautier
I actually drink a protein shake in the morning for breakfast because I don’t like breakfast or energy bars either. I found a custom yummy one on GAINFUL but it usually pays off to get a pricier one that you’ll actually drink and tastes good.

Arron Ruiz
I like to use meal replacements, such as the ones from Ariix. They are amazing and one even gives you increased stamina and metabolism.

Jonas Arnaud
I prefer to eat trail mix. You can even look for some that are packaged in individual servings so they're easy to grab and go like a granola bar.

Patsy Carpenter
It’s weird and maybe not your cup of tea, but i put a bunch of different nut butters mixed with seeds n whatever I want in a bowl and put it in the fridge and it doesn’t go bad and is super filling

Maya Gibson
Hey there friend! A handful of oats, nuts, and/or seeds is just as or healthier than energy bars, and you can make it taste better by adding chocolate chips or something similar to that. Best of luck!

Andreas Christensen
Use a muffin tin to bake a mixture of eggs, bacon, a little bit of flour or almond flour, and any other ingredients or seasonings. Bake at 350 for 20mins or so. Keep in a plastic bag. They should last about 2 weeks

Benjamin Christensen
Breakfast foods can be whatever you like it doesn’t haven’t to be traditional foods. Make a healthy wrap with some sliced veggies or fruit, healthy muffin, boiled egg. Sometimes I make a bagel with peanut butter and seeds on top and throw it in a sandwich bag for later. Make something healthy you want to stick to.

Fortunato Da cunha
You can just eat nuts raw then. But to say you hate breakfast is a pretty strong position. How about you try to change that. Any healthy breakfasts needs protein, carbs and fats so energy bars don’t really cut it. I use an app to monitor my food intake, maybe that can help you out too. (I use Lifesum)

Emaús Da conceição
Have you ever tried making protein shakes? I have a vegan chocolate protein powder that I mix with half water and half unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it’s pretty good! It’s also very filling, so if you don’t want to eat something maybe drinking it is a better option for you at first! ☺️

Cathy Phillips
Well there is this thing that my dad gets called matzah bread, I think. It's Jewish. You'd be surprised how many things you can spread on it. I usually spread guacamole and maybe out some spinach on it too. I'm not even Jewish lmao, but that's one thing I would recommend that will last a very very long time. I'm pretty sure every Jewish grocery store sells them. If not you can look up places that do.

Marilde Da rocha
Depending on what is the main thing for you in breakfast, if it is to be able to waiting until lunch afterwards then i would suggest to try oatmeal , if you just want to eat something because it is good to eat something but you really don’t want much then grab some of your favourite fruit like banana, apple etc

Ellie Harper
Maybe you can make an energy bar that is made from ingredients you like? I’m sure there are recipes online that you can use or adapt. Maybe you can also try overnight oats or something similar? It won’t keep for as long, but it’s still healthy.