What made you choose the kind of breakfast you eat in the morning?

Ted P.
My breakfast changes a lot because I like trying different styles. I choose my breakfasts by looking at nutritional information, and how it will satisfy and benefit me.
Shravani Q.
Well I think that eating vegetables and fruits at the morning is a way too good for our healthy life so sometimes I choose to breakfast with fruits but sometimes I tryout the noodles as it tastes so good and makes me refresh at the morning
Willi J.
Well for breakfast I usually have waffles but idk if that really counts as like a good breakfast but I’m doing better because I used to have no time for breakfast and always feel sick during the day.
Miuke Y.
Currently my breakfast is in line with my goals. I try to eat a lot but what's important is that it's all (or almost all) quality, healthy food.
Taz N.
In my country, we cook enough dinner to last us for breakfast. So I ensure whatever I am cooking for dinner I will also want to for breakfast. Whether it be rice and curry chicken or dumplings and brown stew or just Jamaican red peas soup. If enough dinner isn't made we just go and make egg sandwiches or cereal or porridge for breakfast but it's always nutritious
Giulia A.
My plans for that day always dictate what kind of breakfast am i going to make. I usually eat scrambled eggs with veggies and a piece of bread.
Matthew O.
I work till late at night so mornings are difficult for me. I usually go with leftovers from dinner or a nut butter sandwich, whatever is convenient but has the protein I need and not a lot of carbs. If it takes more than five minutes to prepare I probably won't go there as I also have to feed my three kids and get them started on their day.
Marilyn Q.
I actually do intermittent fasting. I start eating 12pm and stop eating at 8pm. I started this at the start of May after I finally felt stronger and more confident after sticking to my workout routine since last June. So my “breakfast” is more of a brunch. A usual meal is a sandwich with 2 slices of lean turkey, 2 large or 4 small to medium slices of tomato, 4 large or 6 small to medium slices of cucumber, drizzle of Kewpie mayo, and a spoon of pesto sauce. I believe that one should listen to their body when deciding what to eat and how much. If I feel really weak, dizzy, or just generally extra hungry I don’t shy away from eating something else on the side of the sandwich.
Urbana Q.
I normally eat an omelette with vegetables, honestly I choose it because I enjoy omlettes then I try and choose ingredients that I really enjoy;

Chicken, bacon, spring onion, brie, mozerella, sweetcorn

Then I normally try and add in some veg that might not be as enjoyable like brocolli or cabbage but their flavours will be hidden by all the other nice things and some salt and pepper.

Omlettes are just something that I feel are really nutritious and I feel full afterwards. It's good proteins plus the veg and a small portion of cheese 10-25 grams is not much but makes it more enjoyable.

Because I have a great not stick omlette pan and a easy to wash electric whisk it's a really easy dish to do.

Basically I want something easy, nutritious and not too long to make that I can just through ingredients and flavour into.

Russell J.
Well I saw lots of inspirations on different apps which really made me inspired to try them out! experiments are very fun
Levi N.
It more about how much you eat. The more you eat, the fuller you are, the more energy you have to face the day throughout. Anything that's both healthy and something you like as well is a good breakfast. Thanks!