Do I have to drink milk in the morning? What can I drink as a substitute?

Gertraude Z.
You absolutely do not have to drink milk in the morning. A great breakfast doesn't have to consist of typical breakfast foods, a great breakfast can be any healthy food that you enjoy. As for milk substitutes, there are many different types of milk that you can try, almond milk, coconut milk or oat milk can be good alternatives. But if you want to avoid milk altogether, you can replace it with any other beverage of your choice, or just water to remain healthy and hydrated. You don't have to do things that don't work for you in order to be happy or healthy
Mathilde Z.
Of course not! While dairy is important, it can be drank all throughout the day. The recommended amount is 2 cups daily, but avoid more than 3 cups.
There are many healthy substitutes – almond milk, soy milk, or simply lactose-free, but always avoid low/no-fat milk! The removed fat is simply replaced with sugar, which is no good. When in doubt, skip the sugar and take the fat.
Carlo Q.
You do not have to drink milk in the morning.
In fact, water is just fine.
If you still want to have your glass of milk you may try plant based milk alternatives like almond milk, rice milk, soy milk or oat milk.
A fresh fruit juice like apple, orange, carrot juice is also a valid alternative. You can add vegetables like celery, cucumber and other fruits of your liking and make a smoothie.
You may also try to drink tea or coffee.
It’s great to try different alternatives and see what works best for you.
Abd Nago Q.
Milk is good for you but there are also other really great substitutes. If milk is not something you want in the morning try drinking juice or tea. Or try mixing milk in your coffee or tea to have a variety of flavors.
Melvin P.
Single milk.. no but sometimes i drink it with coffee..or i cook it with shufan…i don't drink it alot cause iam try to be healthy