What is your idea of a balanced breakfast?

Paige U.
Breakfast change with everyone. We all need to find out personal one. Mine is composed by almond milk, a fruit and cereal or müesli
Kenza N.
Something that fill my stomach fast and easy ! But the best breakfast would be fruit and oatmeal because these can make you last until the next meal. Also coffee 🤤
Nicholas O.
Fulfilling both mentally and physically. For example if I’m craving waffles a fulfilling breakfast would include waffles, and a source of fats and protein to keep me satisfied both mentally and physically until my next meal.
Mathias Z.
I don’t usually go for heavy breakfasts. A full sandwich or bacon and omelettes on a plate can sometimes feel way too fulfilling and that makes me want to sleep more. I prefer a glass of orange juice and a buttered croissant.
Alice Z.
Pretty much all of my meals require protein. Eggs, peanut butter, meat, cheese – anything including those things is good to go!