Can I eat breakfast 2 or 3 hours after I wake up? I cannot eat straight after waking up.

Lindalva A.
Eating something is better than nothing. Sometimes my meds make me nauseous and I have to wait an hour or so to eat breakfast. I normally take a shower or get ready for my day in that time frame. I always try to eat breakfast before leaving the house though.
Ramon T.
I think that overall you're meant to as you haven't eaten all night but sometimes if you've woken up early after a late night then it can be too much.
Mark C.
Most of the times it's not that easy to not have breakfast right after you wake up, but waiting a bit let's your body knows what's happening first.
L O F.
I think this is fine, especially if you’re a morning bird. However, I would not suggest eating breakfast after 10:30, but this also depends on your lunchtime, which might be a bit later in the afternoon.
I hope this helps 🙂
Harper X.
Ideally you should eat breakfast within an hour of getting up. If solid food is difficult to eat then uts better to have a smoothie with protein, healthy fat to fuel your morning. I like to add spinach, peanut butter, ground flaxseed, dates and almond milk. It keeps me going for hours and can be prepared in minutes.
Carl C.
Maybe you can build the habit of eating breakfast 2-3 hours after waking up. Then if you cannot eat breakfast right after you get up you have soothing to eat after 2-3 hours
Alban I.
The most important thing is to learn to listen at your own body. If this si what your body demands from you, then that's the right thing for you. You have reasons to be grateful for this connection to your own body wisedom 🙂
Alex P.
I would personally suggest trying a smoothie… It doesn't have to be a huge one, but maybe you would be able to drink something healthy first thing instead of eating. Then have a regular breakfast 2-3 hours later. I would try this for a few days, maybe a full week, to see if it makes a difference in your energy levels and how you feel. Btw I always chuck spinach in a smoothie – I can barely taste it and it ticks so many boxes first thing in the morning!!
Clara Y.
If you are a night owl you will have difficulty eating in the morning, in that case fo for a banna and an apple and soon you will develop the havit of having breakfast as soon as you wake up
Heather N.
There is a middle ground between straight after waking up and 3 hours. Do a couple of activities (e.g. exercise, meditate, read, organize your day) and then have breakfast. Simply try to have it 2 hours (or more) before lunch.
Loris A.
I'm the same way about not being able to eat a full meal right after I wake up. It always makes me feel sick and want to just lay back down. But the longer you wait to eat the more damage you can do to your body. If you cant eat a meal right after you wake up, dont. I suggest eating a protien bar or a banana instead. It puts something into your body to transfer into energy. When you finally get hungry or about 2 hours later then I'd try something with a little more substance like eggs or cereal.
Caroline P.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day . When you eat is not important but eat breakfast daily and at the same time . You can utilise the time after waking up in physical exercise or mindfulness
Flavie N.
Yes, ofcourse I think that eating the breakfast is important rather than thinking what time you are eating it can be 2 or 3 hours after waking up.
Juliette N.
I think that would be better to have breakfast soon, but if I can't, in any case I should save time to do it in the morning. For me, to have breakfast is useful for a recap of my daily schedule and for news. It is a moment for myself, also that for my stomach!
Julia T.
Yes, if you make sure To Stay hydrated, and you have enough energy to get you through the morning productively, then why not
Jeppe W.
Hi! Some time ago I couldn't eat my breakfast after waking up. But little by little I taught myself to eat breakfast immediately after exercise and glass of water (~20min after wake up). You can break up breakfast for several servings and start small . Good luck!
Kathleen X.
I think the best is to eat when you feel you can really eat. You should not build habits that you have contradictory feelings towards.
Mario S.
One should eat breakfast within 2 hours after waking up. It's totally understandable, I am the same way. But it's important for your metabolism that you don't wait too long to eat after you've just fasted the whole night.
Jacqueline J.
Breakfasts is the more important meal of the day. It is the meal that activates your brain and give you energies during the day. It is more recommended to eat breakfast one hour after you wake up. When you wake up your body has low sugar and low nutrients that it’s needed to have energy and concentration during the day. You can try to drink a glass of water after waking up and one hour later eat breakfast. Scientists said that people who east breakfast get to lose weight.
Angelo X.
The important thing is that you're integrating the habit of having a good breakfast. I also wake up not feeling hungry but I make sure to prepare myself something anyway.
Carlos E.
I have never been able to eat right when I wake up. It always has taken me a while before I’m ready to do so. Normally I will have warm lemon water, hot tea or a smoothie right when I wake up. It feels good and it helps with digestion when I decide to eat a few hours later.
Martin J.
I’ve read that it’s best to eat within the first hour of waking up. I get it! So I cheat a little and include my cup of coffee as part of breakfast since I definitely need that in the morning. If you wait to eat breakfast, try gradually reducing the wait time.
Carlos U.
I believe it is better to eat breakfast after 2 or 3 hours. If I woke up at 6AM, Then I prefer to eat breakfast at around 8AM to 9AM
Walter T.
Of course you can. I would still recommend to have a small snack with eg almonds or a fruit to get your metabolism working
Clayton U.
I usually wake up super nauseous in the mornings and cannot eat right away. I consider my first meal of the day as breakfast, no matter what time of day it is. But I do not attempt to do anything before I eat my breakfast. The two or three hours in between opening my eyes and breakfast is spent relaxing allowing my body to wake up slowly and naturally. As soon as I feel fully awake and able to eat, I do. If for some reason I'm forced to go out or do something before my body is fully awake and I am still nauseous, I'll eat crackers, pretzels, or something similar.
Daniel G.
Have you tried a light breakfast like a protein packed smoothie or an energy bar? 2 or 3 hours sounds like too much time unless you're up at 5 am.
Kassandra F.
I can stomach food about an hour after I wake up. I can however, have watrr or some liquid right after waking up.I feel if you wait longer than that it isn't giving your body the nutrients it needs to function. There are exceptions to this. You can't eat right away in the morning but need to go into work. And your break isn't until 3 hours later. Maybe try having a smoothie, protien drink, or even a small granola and fruit bar. This way your body is getting a small amount of nutrients and you won't feel hungry come break time.
Silje W.
I think that is perfectly fine. Not everyone wakes up hungry. I usually wait a few hours until I work up an appetite. It's your body naturally responding to waking up I think.
Brandy F.
After waking up, I did 10 min meditation and 10 min movement first, and then go to eat. Or I also enjoy small cleaning up my house. The point is that some movement of body is very helpful to eat breakfast.
Clara Z.
Yes. Food doesn’t interest me so early on the morning. Food seems gross and 2 or 3 hours later I’m starving and I am hungry as a horse 🤣
Elzbieta U.
I have trouble eating when I first wake up, too. Instead of "eating," I have a healthy smoothie. It's usually avocado and berries of some kind, and I mark that as my breakfast. It's also plenty filling after my morning water.
That's just what works for me; we all make things work in our own way.
Good luck! 😊
Wencke Z.
Of course you can. Eating is better than skipping so eat when you feel your body is ready. Rehydrate yourself, though. So sip lemon water or fresh mint water to start your body moving.
Elo Se Y.
This is actually the situation I’m in. I have Type 1 Diabetes, and normally I have my breakfast around 8:00, which is two hours before I wake up, on weekdays. On weekends, I get up at the same time, but have breakfast at around 9:30 to 10:00.
Zoran Q.
Yes, you can. 2-3 hours gap is fine. But you’ve to eat something light such as some almonds/raisins, a few dates or a non acidic fruit such as a few slices of Papaya, within an hour of waking up. But don’t forget to drink 2-3 glasses of water soon after you wake up.
So just give your body and brain some energy to start your physical activities and then have a healthy breakfast within 3 hours maximum.
Pedro J.
It depends on the time you wake up! I mean your breakfast time shouldn't be close to your lunch time.
it's better to eat it half past the time you wake up♡
Yilmaz E.
I can do this. It takes moments to have this good breakfast. I am eating poached eggs and a banana, and feel an immediate difference. Very happy to be doing this.
Michele X.
I can eat breakfast anytime. This is my favorite meal. I’ve skipped it for intermittent fasting. I’ve eaten my biggest meal in the morning. I have always loved this meal. I don’t like skipping it, though.
Faith Z.
I think 2 hour should be fine. I myself cannot eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking up but i feel invincible once I've had a good breakfast ; no matter whenever I have it
Thomas S.
I think you can, because if you take a bath first and make your bed, then you can prepare your breakfast and eat it and feel better. That work for me
Hugo T.
I often have the same issue. To build the habit, try something VERY small or something you can take to go, like nuts or a protein shake. Once the habit is established, you'll probably be able to be more flexible with it.
Manuel U.
I can eat breakfast right after I wake up, but I like to eat breakfast at work because I like having something to do while I read emails and get caught up. It also makes it look like I get into work earlier which reflects well on me.
Ellen N.
It is fine to eat a few hours after waking up. But be careful to not wait until you are starving, and to eat a healthy breakfast. If you wait too long, the sugary, carby alternatives will be hard to resist. I would be extra careful to remember your morning water, as this will help you regulate and feel more hydrated, and so less hungry.
Andrea Z.
I can eat breakfast as soon as I wake up. But usually I’m just lazy to get up as soon as I wake. So first I wake up, snooze, then drink water, then shower and after that I eat breakfast
Emi O.
I’m not am expert, but from what I’ve experienced these past two weeks is…
1. More energy
2. My metabolism has increased
3. I feel great about myself

I am honestly not a ‘breakfast person’ so I tend to eat fruit which at anytime you can eat breakfast or noon. Also, listen to your body, you body will tell you what it needs.

Zeilane Q.
It’s absolutely fine to eat 2-3 hours after waking up. This way you are giving your body the extra fasting period and actually allowing for it to wake up. All you have to do is drink water to get your internals going and eat in a relaxed state. Check out some articles on fasting (Dr. Berg explains it really well).
Oseas S.
I used to feel this way. But I think it’s just a habit and mindset. When I eat in the morning it’s not right after I wake up. But I have my glass of water, do my little bit of exercise or prepare my breakfast and then eat. So I think you can start small with breakfast too it can also just be a few nuts and fruit and a coffee.
Jackson J.
Hi fab:) I make my breakfast right after I drink my glass of water, and then I do myself ready for work, when I have arrived at the office I eat my prepared breakfast:)
Reinhild H.
Don’t wait 2-3 hours. You should eat within 30 minutes of waking up. At least 100 calories. I will often eat a slice of whole wheat bread, maybe toasted.

It takes time to regulate your body’s eating pattern but once you do it will be easier to eat when you wake up.

One of the first things I had to do was quit eating bad food late at night or drinking beer or other alcohol within in an hour of wanting to sleep.

Silvana O.
By eating upon waking you do more good than bad for your health and body as it assists your metabolism! Which is important
Lucas C.
Yes, but try and train your body to accept the food earlier. If you cant eat the food earlier, set an alarm to start eating breakfast 90 minutes after you wake up. Do this for a week and then try bumping it back to 75 minutes (or 60) until you feel ok to eat within a few minutes of waking up. Eating later will force your body to use reserves and wont jump start your day correctly.
Izzie U.
Won’t give you medical sources in this answer, but from what I have heard: 0-2 hours after waking up is the best (some doctors say up to three hours). I understand your problem, had the same for almost my whole life. Tip from me that might be helpful to you – think why you can’t get eat right away – maybe go for a more liquid form if you want to try eating earlier, one morning I woke up and had a sudden urge to drink a banana milkshake. I started doing it more often and then I had the craving for an oatmeal. Maybe I don’t like to bite that much in the early morning 😂 Consider trying changing up the things you eat in the morning, but those waiting those two hours, from what I know, won’t do you harm.
Carol P.
I used to hate eating breakfast right when I woke up but it becomes a habit. I had to start eating earlier in the morning because of the medications I take, and now I’m totally used to it. I TRY to work out in the mornings and then eat breakfast after I shower.
Isabella C.
I cannot say you can't, but I can say for sure that won't work for me. I always try to eat within the first hour I awake. Breakfast doesn't have to be complicated. Mine isn't. It's usually something with protein and carbs like strawberries and Greek yogurt with granola or nuts.
Martha X.
Hi! Good morning! It's fine at the beginning but you should slowly force your self to get used to eating it right after you wake up. You need energy right from the start of the day. Try eating just a little when you wake up or to eat half an hour earlier every day. You con do it by little steps.jave a nice day! !!
Erlese B.
I think, aftr i wake up first I should drink ample water,then cleaning bowel & bladder & then should do exercise. I used to do suryanamaskaras…. Then take fresh bath so that with improved body circulation i should move for king sized breakfast….so it will take atleast two has after wake up to have breakfast,by that time my body (bowel) , mind become happy & ready to receive its energy bomb