Do you drink coffee? If you do, when? Before your meal or after?

Mason Z.
I don't drink coffee but not because I hate it or resent it , it's because caffeine doesn't work on me since my body is pretty large and I have extreme Caffeine tolerance to begin with
Joselino Z.
I always have a coffee first thing in the morning. I'm not a morning person so the caffeine is a nice way to start.
Then sometimes I have one in the afternoon around twoish but am finding now that I can't sleep at night if I do so have been cutting that one out now
Asia Q.
I drink coffee after my breakfast, sometimes I may sip as I go. However majority of the time I drink my coffee after I finish eating. After I eat I’m lazy so I get to sit back and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. Put the cup down and then relax before attacking the day.
Anusheh E.
I don't drink coffee. This is because I prefer not drinking caffeine. It is a strong drink that we should not be drinking. I hope this helped you.