When you don’t have time to eat at home what do you toss in your bag (besides granola bars and apples)?

Mushroom Lady N.
A lot of the time it’s sweets like candy pieces, baked goods. Or dull,simple tasting stuff like rice cakes, pretzels, or breakfast bars.
Daniel G.
I usually don't toss anything i will probably make time to eat out at a restaurant or fast food oulet a little junk here and there wont kill right 🤣🤣🤣
Axel F.
bananas are quite filling, you can make overnight oats the day b4 abd just grab the jar on your way out, usually i have a smoothie sitting inntbe fridge too so i can just shake that up and take it with
Celina N.
I would have a smoothie, some nuts or I'd just simply have a liquid day and start my day off with tea and other liquids throughout the day
Miroslawa O.
I bring with me a fig bar and banana with my water bottle. This usually happens in the morning if I can’t eat breakfast before leaving for work.
Ilhan Q.
I pack biscuits but not always. I eat plantains,potatoes and sausage for breakfast and rice for lunch I have never tried eating fruits and vegetables when I'm not at home.I eat lots of junk food and drink enough sometimes soft drink.
Zbigniew U.
I actually always make sure I have time to eat at home. But, on a rare occasion when I don’t I’ll pack some hard boiled eggs, apple slices, some cheese slices, and even some yogurt!
Alicja X.
Usually I make breakfast one of my main priorities because that’s what my mom makes me do. I always make time for 2 eggs and a bread or a tortilla. If I ever didn’t have time, which never happens, I would get a breakfast bar