I would like to have some more recipes of healthy breakfasts.

Amber E.
Try to eat eggs as they have a great protein to get your started with you day. Avocado on toast is also and good meal, if you're more into fruit than egg. Try not to eat breakfast bars or a bun as they are full with calories and will last you 2 hours. A good breakfast should keep you full till lunch!
Sasha F.
I would recommand you to eat scrambled eggs plus some veggies and if it's possible eat a little piece of bread in the size of a hand's palm, the other recommandation is to eat oatmeals but not with cow milk because studies has shown that dairy is not good for human body and it can cause multiple problems so it's better to use vegetable milk like soy milk and etc.
Noelle Z.
You can make avacado toasts with eggs, don’t forget to eat cucumber, tomatoes, ginger (it’s great with honey and perfect for your metabolism) cheese. I personally like to drink some tea after breakfast it helps my stomach
Emmie T.
Oat meal in hot water, apple, algave syrup and cinamon. After that you can add some nuts and a small amount of chocolate