What is the ideal time for breakfast?

Patrick O.
At the moment, my ideal breakfast time would be half 9. I'm taking back control of my life after a long period of mental illness and unrest.
Ideally, I'd like to be up and eating breakfast around 8am or rising with the dawn. That would feel real nice and I'd feel less judged by others too.
Andreia Z.
For me, it's while I'm taking my morning coffee shortly (around 10-15m) after waking up, drinking my water and I prepare my breakfast while the coffee is also brewing
Reem X.
After you do everything- after brushing your teeth, walking the dog, exercising and everything else in your morning routine. I just feel like it's the best.
Matheus N.
I personally have it right after I wake up, and make my bed. Preparing it gives me enough time to gather my thoughts for the day. Eating it, I like to visualize how I want my day to go.