Do you have the same breakfast each day or alternate options?

William G.
Same breakfast (blueberries) because I am busy and received these blueberries as a gift from my parents, which were the only fruit in the house. Was so busy didn't find the chance to get out of the dorm to buy
Juanita W.
I alternate my breakfast, although there are benefits to having the same breakfast every morning, there are also a lot of downsides. You can begin to dread the thought of it or if you don't have the right ingredients it might throw your entire day off plus maybe you're just not feeling it that day. With that being said repeating a breakfast item a few times never hurts, I just go with what I'm feeling in the mornings. Of course keeping balance with nutrition in mind! Good Luck.
Nelita P.
I have alternate options, sometimes I have milk and cereal, others biscuits and tea or perhaps I have orange juice and toast egg
Celia W.
well every day I make myself a coffee but it’s what I eat with it that changes. Sometimes I can eat an apple or just some bread with honey. I always drink a cup of water in the morning too 🙂
Noye E.
I usually have different breakfast each day but when I make something that I really like that is quick, easy and fast, I’d be having that same breakfast for the next like week or so until it runs out or I found something new to replace it.
Felicia J.
I alternate my breakfast, somedays I will have 3 chicken sausages half an avo and 2 hard boiled eggs with a cup of coffee other days I will have a bowl of granola with milk and banana with a cup of coffee
Simon F.
I eat the same breakfast pretty much everyday but occasionally if I don’t feel like eating it I’ll have something different.
Federica N.
Sometimes. There are some days where ai have the same breakfast, it’s like a ritual for me to prepare it, to use the same amount of everything to make. Other days, based on my needs I would change it to try something new or if I just want a change