What types of fast healthy breakfasts are other users having?

Aisha N.
The three top choices that come to mind that are both healthy, delicious, and flavorful are breakfasts that generally contain eggs (I.e. eggs on toast, boiled eggs with a side, poached eggs on avocado test, etc), oats, or smoothies.

They usually take between five to 10 minutes to prepare, and they’re 100% worth it.

Hermes Q.
Any cereal! Oatmeal, buckwheat, corn, wheat .. You can add berries to oatmeal, and wheat porridge is very tasty with pumpkin.
Jonathan T.
I always a nature valley muffin bar and a piece of fruit like a banana. I also switch and have a belvita breakfast sandwich instead. Usually peanut butter.
Xavier I.
I think a good healthy breakfast should contain eggs salt and pepper with some avocado toast or a grilled cheese Or if you’re approaching the mortuary option a parfait should usually do it
Randi E.
Something quick and easy! I love a big scoop of peanut butter, chewy bars, a few eggs, fruit, cereal bars, oatmeal! Things must be quick and easy or it's hard for me to have breakfast.
Niko Y.
Porridge (with nuts), curd with berries or other fruits like banana, apple, pear and Greece style yogurt; eggs or omelet…