Which foods are good for dinner in your opinion?

Kurt N.
I usually go for some sort of chicken dish. Herb roasted chicken using herbs de Provence is one of my favorites. I also think mashed potatoes are good. Either roasted garlic mashed potatoes or mashed sweet potatoes with maple butter. A nice salad is good too. Seasonal greens with a good vinaigrette.

Boavida Z.
I think dinner should be a lighter meal than lunch with a good mix of protein, good fats and vegetables. A small amount of carbs is ok.

Dursun U.
I like to eat quite light meals in the evening, as a heavy meals negatively impacts the quality of my sleep. Usually I would go for a salad or veggies, or a soup and toast.

Va Se E.
I try to have a variety of colors, and use items that have 5 or less ingredients listed on the label. I love to have Asian dishes, like homemade orange chicken or fried rice with lots of veggies

Marilou T.
A light meal will help you sleep better than a big meal. I’d suggest a serving of food veggies and a protein with a glass of water and some yoga before bed . To destress stress can make you think your hungry when your not .

Ava T.
My personal goal is to cut out added sugar. I like to focus on eating whole foods and avoid the processed things with hidden ingredients. My husband is the cook, so i find recipes for him that have mainly whole foods. He tends to use a lot of cheese and butter, so we are working on reducing it. A simple meal of chicken, potatoes, and spinach is always yummy!

Klaus X.
Hello my name is claudia I've found that a mixed salad with a good amount of leaffy green lettuce and other veggies is a start , I used to think a larger amount of protein was a good thing, but I've since learned even though this seems healthy it's not. Therefore I suggest a smaller portion like the c size of your pain or the size of a deck of cards. Lastly a small portion of a carb is good and it depends on what you like just watch out don't lose on too many. I hope this proves helpful.

Orestes W.
Foods that do not upset the stomach; I have an upset one and my dinner consists of lactose-free milk most of the time. I eat cucumber and/or greek yogurt sometimes. But right now, I don't eat any dinners

Jimmy U.
In my opinion, vegies and fruits are excellent for dinner. Fish and chicken as well. The important things is that the food you eat doesn't contain fats and added sugar. Eat healty

Cameron S.
Whole, simple ingredient foods with little-to-no preservatives.

Grass-fed beef and dairy
Free-range chicken and eggs
Wild caught fish
Locally sourced produce
Fresh baked bread
Homemade pasta
Sea salt
Fresh herbs
Stevia, local-honey, and pure maple syrup
Quality olive, coconut, and avocado oil
Fair trade/ organic tea
Quinoa and brown rice
Homemade salads dressing with oil and vinegar or citrus juice

Kasper Z.
grains, veggies, meat, try healthy foods with organic , low sugar ingredients that are not as processed. home cooked meals can show you what you’re eating better.

Andrea U.
Lots of veggies, like broccoli and spinach (green veggies). Also lean meat and chicken. And when you choose your carb, choose one that is whole wheat based. Fills better and doesn't make you crash. Better to make your own sauce to make sure you don't have too much added sugar and salt.

Isabelle Z.
This is like the breakfast question. Short answer is eat what you like! Some ppl think better to have a light meal—maybe soup and or salad, easier to digest before bed. In the winter I favour soups and noodles, but don’t mind a salad n summer. Hopefully the dinner is part of. Balanced diet, so enough protein, carbs, etc to be sustainable and healthy. But, hey, sometimes cake is good, too.

Yasemin Y.
For dinner I prefer to eat low carb, high fat foods which will satisfy my hunger over my 14 hour fast. I generally go for salad leaves, roast vegetables and some protein, chicken, fish, sausages etc

Mathias Y.
A Mediterranean Salad with Olives, Fetta, Tomato, Spinach leaves with a dash of dressing, but not too much as it's high in calories.

Marcus C.
Carbs like pasta are really good. They typically make me tired so I try to eat them at night rather than the day. But have a balanced meal is my favorite with protein and vegetables.

Maelya Z.
Veggies cooked with some butter and garlic are a staple in most of my dinners. Add a bit of rice and some protein, and you're good to go!

Felicia N.
Personally I love cooking up some broccoli and cut chicken in a pan and add in some soy sauce. It’s delicious! And you can add whatever you want, too!

Raul J.
Slow releasing carbs like sweet potato. Protein like broccoli/ sweet corn/ tempeh/ nuts. Veg like kale/ or mixed salad.

Alfred T.
If you stay away from heavy meals you'll get better sleep. Generally you want a source of lean protein, an alternative fat, a large portion of vegetables and a small portion of carbs. An example would be: a piece of baked chicken, spinach sauteed with about a spoonful of oil and some garlic pepper over half a cup of rice. If you're vegetarian substitute tofu for chicken and add it to the spinach when you saute. Consider using curry powder for extra flavor.

James X.
If you want a healthy option,homemade vegetable soup is a great choice.
Becurse you can make it after your own liking and are easy to store in the freezer.

Greg S.
Something light, plenty of veg and a little meat, fish or beans/legumes. Maybe a salad and some cheeses, pickles, fermented foods for good digestion

Leci S.
Protein is always good like chicken, turkey, or fish with lots of vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, squash, and spinach!

Raik U.
As a vegetarian, I would say that you'd need your vegetables and protein for the night. But no food high in protein, or carbs. Ive read that it is healthy to avoid meat at night as well. And on a general note, avoid eating anything after 8 and take a balanced meal for dinner.

Lisa O.
I'm very fond of different versions of taco. I use taco fibers that are made from whole grain so they are healthier than the usual ones. Of fill, I have either fish, chicken, minced meat or beans, before I have some cheese, sour cream, tacos sauce, and various vegetables. It is also very easy to bring along if you are on the go.

Carina R.
Grilled chicken with a vegetable and some other source of nutrient. Wether it be anotjer vegetable or possibly even a friut in the way of a salad or even a dessert cup.