Do you like eating the same breakfast every day?

Tomer X.
If you think about the Healthy food you are eating and hoe it affects the inside of your body, while eating, it will help reduce the difficulty.
Olivia E.
Actually I believe I will need more than three days to form this habit. However, eating the same breakfast everyday is not ideal for me. I would get bored faster with the same food. Being consistent is the key. So I like to switch it up. I noticed I rather eat a hot breakfast than a cold breakfast. I just don’t always have the time and will opt out for a smoothie, fruit, or protein shake. I love being held accountable every day. I do also enjoy the energy boost to start kick my days. I’ve noticed I’m less cranky midday, I can endure a short circuit of workouts in the morning as well.
Elisane C.
Some weeks I like to eat the same thing every day but other weeks I like to switch it up and get creative! It helps to keep me excited about new change and food and gives me an opportunity to try all sorts of new things. It also depends on how much time I have in the morning.