What is another great quick option, like my drinkable yogurt, for those days I need to grab something from the fridge and go?

D Rio C.
maybe try yogurt bars because those have protein in them or you can pre-make a smoothie and pop it in the fridge for the next day!

Jennifer F.
I really like Meal replacement mixes. I try to get my proteins from a variety of different types. I am a meat eater but love Garden of Life Chocolate meal replacement mix. Its vegan & has a load of plant protein. Soy, gluten, lactose free & free of a lot of other things. It doesn't do well to make ahead because it gets really!!! Thick if you let it sit long because of the high fiber content. But it only takes seconds to make… pour liquid, dump power & shake or blend. I use the cups that go on the blender so it like 45sec to make. Meal replacement shakes, premade homemade meal replacement cookies, muffins & bars. You can customize. Recipes are all over Internet.

Annerose P.
Kefir or buttermilk are great probiotics like yoghurt. When one can't find anything, milk is a great option too. If vegan,go for Soya milk and the like.

Samantha Q.
There's one thing that I always love and it's a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter with a banana which is a quick and delicious snack!

Martha P.
I understand you, when I
sometimes go to the fridge in the morning, I always have a snak realy quik: mini-sausage in pasta pré made.

Sarah Y.
Make a smoothie the night before, and keep in the fridge.
Or, get all the ingredients ready together the night before, and then quickly blend in the morning.

Clara E.
Prep some berries and some nuts in a bowl the night before and have them waiting in your fridge. You can always use Saturday and Sunday to prep a few bowls to take during the week. You can also pre-make smoothies the night before if you have a blender.

Garance C.
Another way is to just grab a granola bar or some trail mix or something like that. You could also prepare over night oats, which would take you more time at night to do

Olivia O.
I like to do a drinkable yogurt, Chobani strawberry banana is my favorite, but also a protein bar! Perfect bars are great and also in the fridge so you can put them next to each other. Naked bars are also pretty delicious and refrigerated.

Roseneide Q.
String cheese is an enjoyable snack as well as peanut butter. A healthy snack you could have could be grapes, any colour. I hope this helped!

Alien T.
The best thing is to make it the night before or 5 meals in one day. I also recommend breakfast bars, fruit and other small things. Don't forget to have a big full breakfast every morning!! Good luck!

Elijah J.
You can always prepare some overnight oats! It'll take some short time the night before to prepare, but they're delicious and you can grab them and go.
Do equal parts oatmeal, equal parts milk, and your choice of a sweetener. Then you can add other things, like a bit of protein powder, chia seeds (these give your oats a bit of pudding consistency, which is delicious), and berries.