How to make great breakfast fast (no more than 5 min).

Roger P.
Making an egg is super quick; just keep everything ready the night before.

Or make overnight oats and grab them in the morning.

Arron Z.
Pour a bowl of high fiber, high carb, and low sugar cereal and add some sugar-free almond milk or flax milk. Add another side of plain whole-milk yogurt. Wolf down and you're food to go!
Justin T.
The first thing to consider is what you want to eat, what gives you a boost to get into the fast ahead and doesn't just give you a shortlived sugar rush or mashes you immediately tired again. Once you have Masse up your mind about that you can consider your options and decide on the basis of you habits on when you will prepare the breakfast. I like cooking and I don't want to spend the time to prepare breakfast every day, so I opted to sirens maybe an hour every weekend to bake either muffins or cookies which are rich on protein, slow carbs from oats and sugar and micro nutrients from fruits like bananas. In the past I have also prepared green smoothies in the evenings which I only had to blend freshly every morning. There are other healthy and tasty foods you can easily prepare, no matter if they are sweet or savoury.
Dylan O.
Microwaveable steel oatmeal than add favorite items like nuts or fruit once it’s cooked. It takes only 3 minutes to make.
Sara Z.
Whole grain nutty seed toast spread w/ almond butter topped with blueberries, granola, flax and chia seeds and honey. Then a side of banana, apple or whatever fruit you prefer.
Alo Sio Q.
Make oaty fruity green smoothies. Chuck ingredients in a blender. Takes less than 5 mins. Add as many Oats as you need to meet calorie needs.
Tammy O.
My idea is to decide what to eat as usual. As for me, scrambled egg and banana and yoghurt is my everyday breakfast. It takes just 3 minutes!
Livia Y.
Well, a great breakfast for me is two toasts with a fried egg and some tea (I prefer coffee but tea is more beneficial) So you can just brew some water and meanwhile just fry an egg, it takes about two minutes or less, and just toast two breads, and you're done. Hope it helps 🙂
Angel J.
On weeknights I make overnight oats for the morning after. I mix half a cup of oats with a cup of plant milk, a tablespoon of nut butter, and a sprinkling seeds and dried fruit. I let it do its thing overnight in the fridge then in the morning I just slice fresh fruit over it.
J Come C.
Making a great breakfast fast requires one to see what healthy foods are readily available at home. Toast with peanut butter or some other protein-rich spread is a great way to go, along with granola bars and fruits. A variety of fruits and vegetables is the right way to go with a short amount of time to make breakfast.
Sibel R.
I make smoothie freezer packs. You can make any type of smoothie you want, with any ingredients! I portion out the ingredients into individual baggies and freeze them. Then I grab one when it’s time to eat, and blend it up with water and my collagen peptides (for protein and gut health). My office has a blender, so I can grab the packet on my way out the door, and whip it up at work. But you can also blend it at home and drink the smoothie while commuting. The prep ahead takes maybe 10 mins, and the day of blending is less than 5 mins. Plus it’s super easy and flexible for whatever schedule you have. And you can get creative with flavors and recipes! Make it easier on yourself by using pre frozen berries, or pre chopped veggies!
Kent O.
Opt for lots of ways to use eggs; omelettes, eggs on toast and boiled eggs are a quick and easy start. Think about simple toast toppings too. Carbs are great in the morning so why not try healthy brown toast with avocado or nut butter? Smoothies are also an excellent option – so think about how to sneak veggies and fruit in there!
C Cilia Z.
It depends on your definition of what is a great breakfast. Sometimes it is for me a smoothy which I made the dat before with plenty of fruit, fine whoat, yoghurt and some honey. Also two slices of bread with home made pesto and a glass of water is for me iDeal.
Maya Y.
I meal prep on Sundays for my week. If you already know what you are going to be eating, that takes out one step. You can go even further by making something ahead. My favorite to make is egg muffins.
Mads W.
What I usually do is make a big pot of oatmeal in my rice cooker every week. One cup each of whole oat groats and steel cut oats. One cup of milk or chicken stock. Four cups of water. And about a half cup of a mix of flaxseed, black and white sesame seed, chia seed, and goji berries. A sprinkle of salt. And then set to cook for three hours. The rice cooker will keep it hot until morning. I divide it up into portions for the week and refrigerate after the portions cool down. I also boil five eggs, cool them and peel them and then store in the refrigerator in a ziploc bag with a little soy sauce and sake. Each morning I take the oatmeal portion, add a little hot water, microwave for two minutes, and then stir an egg into it. Maybe add some baby spinach.
Thea P.
I make scrambled eggs with a little salt and pepper. I eat some mixed nuts if I'm still hungry and often eat fruit. Always eat protein before eating fruit though so it slows your bodies sugar consumption.

I also drink coffee with a little heavy cream in it. It's a good hunger surpressant for me so I'm not snacking all day.

Gabrielle Y.
I find that the quickest and most nutritious breakfast is overnight oats. They're really quick to make the night before (if you don't have a jar just put it in a bowl covered with clingfilm) and they require no prep in the morning.
Alternatively, peanut butter on toast or cream cheese with avocado on toast are also really delicious and quick to make 😊
Leonard O.
I like to prep something the night before that I can pop in the microwave. Maybe bake some quiches on Sunday for the week. Then you can just warm them up and have some oatmeal or fruit/ cheese with it. Boom, breakfast ready to eat in a minute.
Kiara Y.
With small child, my time to prepare my own breakfast is extremely limited. I buy boiled eggs, banana and peanut butter from
Costco and eat them as my breakfast.
Anka F.
Get a coffee mug, spray interior with cooking spray. In a bowl whisk an egg, aittle milk, salt, pepper, green onion, and shredded Parmesan. Add mixture to coffee mug. Microwave 30 seconds, stir; another 30 seconds, stir; then 45 seconds. Sprinkle a little more cheese if you like a lot of cheese and enjoy! 2 minute breakfast! (Substitute spinach or red onion or another type of cheese, etc. whatever you like).
Ana S Y.
I soak oat bran and porridge oats in a bowl, overnight in the fridge with skimmed milk and water. I sometimes add cinnamon, ginger and/or honey on different days for flavour. I then microwave it for a minute and a half and eat it after a shower.
Paige G.
1. Eggs! Super versatile – and exceptionally good for you. Scrambled, boiled or poached – keep it unfried and healthier.
2. Porridge – handful of oats and a glass of milk in a pan on the hob for a few minutes to thicken up – easy and the perfect breakfast. Add fruit, honey or seeds to mix it up.
There’s no excuse not to have a nutritious breakfast.
Mathilde Y.
I like to make smoothies! Using almond milk , protein powder and frozen fruits. I add honey to sweeten . It’s easy to digest and a quick nutritional meal !
Corey E.
Make things ahead of time like making little egg muffins. Make really quick eggs. Grab a keto shake. Apple and peanut butter. Turkey and cheese.
Jenny T.
I boil 6 eggs at a time and eat 2/day. I can’t eat too much that early. I’ve also made the overnight oats that are all the rage on Pinterest. I can make 3 days ahead as well so I’m only doing it 2 times a week. It has to be easy so these 2 make ahead ideas work for me. Have fun with it! I do!
Vicki W.
2 eggs, handful spinach . Beat eggs, add black pepper and chopped spinach. Microwave for 2 mins giving it a stir halfway through. Great, easy, tasty start to the day.
Joyce F.
I try and prep as much as I can the night before. But sometimes it’s just about choosing to eat a protein shake instead of Oreos since both are quick
Mitchell Z.
1/2 cup of oats, 1 cup of almond, soy, or any type of non diary milk. Add fruits of your choice – frozen blueberries are great. Into a pan on the hob, medium heat keep stirring and voila!
Adam Z.
Prepare everything the night before. Have everything you need at your fingertips. First thing in the morning I put on the kettle then let that boil while I assemble and/or cook a quick breakfast. Porridge takes 2.5 mins in the microwave. Scramble eggs in a wide pan with precut veggies, takes 2 mins. Herbal tea can be left to infuse for a few mins once kettle has boiled. It's all about preparing the night before and making the best use of your time for a fast breakfast.
Peter C.
Add some meusli to a tub of yoghurt and eat it on the way.
Prepare a little fruit salad the night before and eat it on the go in the morning.
Cut an apple into slices (rings) and spread peanut butter on and enjoy.
Make overnight oats and eat it for breakfast.
Health rusk with your coffee
Mix 3 eggs with some milk and place in the microwave. Stir every 30 seconds until eggs are cooked. Add some grated cheese
Ana S Y.
I make oatmeal…takes under five from start to finish. I add cinnamon, drizzle of honey and some nuts and a few raisins. I make sure to drink a bottle of water first.
Habacuque E.
Heat Quaker Instant Oatmeal and water in the microwave for one minute. Sprinkle slivered almonds on top. Cut up an Orange and eat alongside.
Edith C.
Take a page of Lord sandwich's book – take some wholesome ingredients and prepare something you can take with you between two slices of bread. Then put your commuting time into good, tasty use 😋
Luca A.
Starts with planning
What do you like to eat?
What is healthy?
How can we hit both?

What are the blockers?
– do I know what healthy is?
– do I have the time (can I prep)?

Start with easy
– porridge, nuts, cinnamon
– apple, nut butter
– wholewheat toast and nut butter and banana
– avocado toast

Ingmar O.
Toast 2 pieces of whole wheat/whole grain bread. While bread is toasting cook 2 eggs in a pan. Put eggs on toast and top with avocado and baby kale. I also add some pre-grated cheese between the bread and egg. This takes no more than 5 min!
Sohan O.
I tend to give myself around15 minutes to make my breakfasts as I don’t like to be rushed in the morning because it makes me feel like I’m being reactive all day , where as when I give myself longer in the morning I find I’m more proactive throughout my day and I tend to make better work decisions and strategise more effectively.

However if I’m in a rush fir some reason I can make either of my two week day breakfast choices in around 5 minutes (that’s going flat out quick though with it though).

Option 1: porridge with unsweetened almond milk (I’m lactose intolerant otherwise I used to use semi-skimmed milk) cooked on the hob and served with one tablespoon of honey (I have a sweet tooth) and a glass of innocent smoothie with frozen ginger grated into it, a teaspoon of turmeric and a pinch of black pepper (black peeper increases the health effect of turmeric, turmeric has lots of research behind it as a good health supplement) stirred and then I make a black coffee with a little cold water in so I can drink it straight away ( if really short on time I make an espresso).

Option 2: 2 poached eggs on either 1 or 2 slices of seeded whole grain small sized loaf toast (depending on how hungry I am and whether I’m doing any physical work that day), olive oil spread on the toast with either honey spread on or balsamic glaze over the eggs and a small pinch of pepper and tiny pinch of salt. Then it’s the same smoothie and coffee as option 1, if I have time to drink it I’ll also make myself a decaf green tea in a snug mug (equals about a pint of tea) (I’ll have 3-4 snug mugs of either decaf green/peppermint/chamomile tea throughout the day and always have some on me with a mug if I’m out and about for the day (for me it’s the easiest way to stay hydrated as I like herbal tea).

Both of these options keep you full and release slow burning energy, the porridge keeps blood sugar level making you feel grounded and calm, I’m never hungry before lunch if I have these options.

Weekend: I have a treat bacon and egg or sausage and egg toasted sandwich on a Saturday with the same smoothie and herbal teas but I have a large English breakfast tea instead of coffee. If I want to make it healthier I swap out the bacon/sausage for Linda McCartney veggie sausages.

Sunday depending on how I feel I’ll either have option 1 porridge or I’ll do 2 poached eggs with toast chopped up into squares with olive oil spread and honey on all served on top of a bed of raw spinach with a pinch of pepper and a tiny pinch of salt served in a pasta bowl so I can chill on the sofa and watch tv whilst I eat it.

It took me a few years to nail down what breakfasts I liked and worked best for me but I’m really happy with these options so I hope they help someone else too.

Paul T.
The night before: put some oatmeal and milk in a bowl, put it in the fridge
In the morning: add a handful of raisins and a sliced up a banana to the bowl
Alvina N.
I’ve just been having oatmeal with cinnamon and apples each morning as I find it comforting, and it’s nutritious and filling. But, I know lots of people who have done overnight oats in their slow cooker and put all kinds of tasty things in it. Maybe you could try that
Magda Q.
Granola, fruits and yogurt( or milk). Grapes and mandarins don’t require you to use knifes. The pan and knife free breakfast is fast to prepare but nutritious if you choose good ingredients.
Alena T.
Breakfast is hard because it depends what you like! I use a magic bullet cup blender which makes a smoothie in like 10 seconds and rinses in another 10. So because I always know that I want a cup of fruit, almond milk and chocolate protein powder, there's no thinking to it. So once I have my routine in place its a super quick process. I always leave the blender out and plugged in, so there's no getting equipment. Also sometimes I microwave gluten free bread for a few seconds and put a TBSP of crunchy peanut butter on it 🥰
Massimo U.
1. Make it the night before-preparing the ingredients in advance (cutting, chopping, mixing etc.) beforehand can significant Sean the time needed. Cooking in advance so you only have to reheat also works.
2. Use simple ingredients the, like whole fruits, eggs, whole wheat toast, oatmeal, dry fruits, nuts
Oc Ane O.
One day boil some eggs. So you have them ready all week for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.
In the morning grab a piece of fruit you like, an egg for protien and some oatmeal. Or maybe a slice of whole grain toast with cream cheese, a piece of fruit and an egg. Or maybe a vegetable that you've pre-cut or bought pre-cut like sweet peppers/bell pepper, carrots, whatever and a couple tablespoons of cream cheese or peanut butter or just plain with some boiled eggs/scrambled eggs and a fruit. It helps to pre-cut up things like that when you buy them so you can just grab them and go. You can also just eat a serving of a healthy cereal with some fruit and nuts tossed in. Oatmeal is real good for that.
Or Sio P.
Very quick breakfast putting whole cereals in a cup of milk or in a cup of plain yogurth: it’s healthy and very quick to prepare and consume. It gives energy for the day
Auguste J.
Yoghurt (dairy or non-dairy, whatever you prefer), berries or fruits (fresh, frozen, dried, sauced, again whatever you prefer) and nuts and seeds. For example my usual breakfast is yoghurt, sliced banana, mango sauce (I'm not sure if this is the correct word for it in English but you can google mangosose 🙂 ), mixed nuts and flaxseed groats.
Andy O.
You could pre-prepare your breakfasts. Think mini egg omelettes in muffin tins, could freeze or refrigerate those to have ready first thing in the morning. I'm also a fan of keto fat bombs.
Harry J.
I’m making egg muffins ahead of time, so that just takes one minute in the microwave in the morning to reheat. I am also doing apple with peanut butter, so all I have to do is slice the apple and scoop the peanut butter into my Tupperware and I’m off to work!