What are some ways to introduce more variety into my daily breakfast?

Kenneth P.
I like to meal prep my breakfast's so that I have protein, carbs, and healthy fat's covered. I use a variety of fruits and nuts for my carbs and fats to switch it up

Demi O.
Smoothies I think are the best option to add loads of different fruit and veggies. I also think things like rolled oats and fruit bowls really can draw in different foods too

Caresse G.
On your next grocery run, go aisle by aisle and scan every possible breakfast food. Let yourself explore each possibility. Also, remember to try out new things each time.

Rachael Z.
Make use of good supplements in your house to max extreme….. for example if you have only banana and milk then take it then you should plan for better breakfast tomorrow

Georgia I.
If you have time, you can always do meal prep at night in preparation for the next morning. But honestly in my opinion you can get loads of variety just by switching up the fruits that you choose to eat for breakfast week by week. One day it’s a nectarine. The next? Maybe nectarine again but on the third day, bam some grapes.

Mirella Q.
you can try visiting restaurants that you aren’t familiar with yet, talk to some people you know about the kinds of food that they like and experiment with your food.

Seid W.
Looking up into internet and read about benefits and trying to make them ready at night so it won't be hard at the morning and saving time

Kristin O.
Well,there is a simple way that helped me a lot.It’s very easy,you need to try something new everyday and see what you like!!!!That’s how I got to eat a lot more things in the morning

Hans Adolf Y.
I like drinking milk because I still have to grow so I think it’s important and I also eat biscuits, they called “gocciole”

Leo W.
Try planning out breakfast based on food groups. It may be different in your country, but my food groups are meat and alternatives, grains, milk and alternatives, and fruits and vegetables. So, you could have bacon for meat and alternatives, toast for grains, eggs for milk and alternatives, and strawberries for fruits and vegetables. Also make sure to have a beverage, preferably a glass a water.

Josiah J.
I would say trying something new you been interested in or use thing your are like and incorporate them in different ways to give breakfast some variety so your no burning yourself out eating the same meal hope this helps

H Lo Se Q.
Try to introduce slowly what you want to eat. Just eat a little bit of it everyday (along with your current breakfast) and then eat a bit more of it. Don’t do a massive change at once, it will be more difficult to stick to it.

Baleine O.
Fresh fruits, put them in the fridge the day before you eat them to have more freshness.
Protein breakfast like Avocado toast with a fried egg on top, and a matcha green tea or milk.
Oat cake, some oats, cinnamon, chocolate chips or chocolate powder instead of cinnamon, baking powder, an egg (or a banana instead if you’re vegan), milk (or almond or oat milk ), 180degrees in the oven for 25/30 mins or just look at it xD.