When I have early morning classes, I really have trouble mustering the energy to make breakfast. Any tips?

Matt G.
Prep the night before. Oats in milk with favourite berries is a great start. Keep stuff ready for your sandwich and assemble it to eat on the go. Grab some fruit.
Anything to get you started.

No Lle S.
If you have trouble making breakfast in the morning, I recommend preparing it the night before or already put all the things you need together in one place, so you can easily find it. Your breakfast doesn't have to be that spectaculair, you can also choose to just grab a banana or other fruit. It is very quick and easy, but still gives you enough energy for the day!
Good luck!! I know you can do it!

Xx Noëlle

Susan N.
Drink a healthy shake, much better than energy bars. Or premake something the night before, so that you are good to go. Or bake some healthy muffins and have then with fruit.

Kai Z.
Its fine if you don’t want to make a huge or grand breakfast because its early morning, however going to classes without breakfast could slow down your productivity.. breakfast would help you be energized and concentrate better while not having it does the opposite. Just take an apple and banana for your breakfast along with any usual nuts. If the classes are very long try making a small omelette with a toast (if u have a toaster) along with the fruits… dont try muffins, they’ll give u an energy burst then make u feel drowsy again.

Emma N.
Try out new forms of breakfast food. Try to simplify them. If you have a water cooker you could just pour warm water on some oats and let it marinate for a minute. Add some berries & seeds and you got a healthy breakfast.

Miss N.
Meal prep on a day off. Making your food ahead of time really helps you to manage your time better. You’d spend less time in the kitchen when you meal prep your breakfast once a week rather than cook something everyday or grab something unhealthy for breakfast. I hope this helps you! Have a fabulous day!

Rosie Y.
Prepare your breakfast the night before! Overnight oats are a good go-to brekkie. Something that you can easily heat or assemble would also be a good alternative. Small steps towards reducing the friction can definitely prove invaluable in the long run. 🙂

Est Ban T.
It might help if you prepare as much as possible in the evening. Or even better, make something like overnight oats (so something you can prepare the night before) so you know you only have the trouble of eating in the morning

Asami S.
Tell someone you know who wake at the same time as you or earlier that you are going to post pictures of breakfast everyday or declare what youre making for breakfast on a social platform like instagram and post you eating breakfast.

Grace C.
Just set your mind before going to bed that you are set to get up early so that you can fix your own bed and also to do your own breakfast in the morning, mastering a thinking ahead habit is not easy but if you will start now you will manage to do it one by one until it will part of your system. Just think it ahead and it will become you.

Peti C.
A fast morning shower is always the best option to feel energetic. It can help your immune system to wake up, especially if its with cold water 😉 In other ways, after waking up just put the things off the fridge that you want to eat, and then later on the morning you go step by step to make a great breakfast 🙂 I hope it could help

Timothe F.
I try to make something easy, like a smoothie for example, I just put all the ingredients i want in a blender and take it with me. Or if I know that i will be in more hurry, I make overnight oats, so I'll just grab them in the morning.

Lucineri Q.
Try to take a shower as soon as you wake up. If you don’t like it, set everything on the previous night to make a easy and healthy breakfast on the next morning. It doesn’t have to be a big meal

Alice O.
pack ur breakfast before u go to sleep and when u wake up just drink a bottle of water and then have the breakfast with a cup of milk or a morning light cofee with milk

Sydney N.
Two options: make something super simple, or set it up the night before!

Super simple: choose something that you can eat on the go or that just doesn’t take a lot of energy! Some fruit (with some kind of nut or seed butter), or a healthy smoothie you make yourself the night before are some good options.

Set up the night before: if you’d rather have a larger breakfast, say, eggs and sausage (as an example), do whatever you can the night before. Get the pan and spatula out, and leave the eggs and sausage close to the top of the refrigerator for easy access. Print out a recipe and leave it there if you are using one. Seeing it all set up in your kitchen should give you the motivation you need to cook it!

Sienna X.
I struggle with eating breakfast in the morning… When i do eat, i’ve noticed that preparing the meal the night before is really helpful. I often just get some fruits and veggies for the morning

Maria Z.
My suggestion is to take with you one or two fruits, a banana or an apple, or nuts with yogurt and honey. If nothing of these are available try an energy bar wth protein

Ava F.
Wow. Its okay it happened to me sometimes. What I did when I don't have enough energy to make breakfast is that I always start to do other small activity that will wake me up. Drinking water or tea are the mpst effective way. If it didnt work out sometimes I just push my self to prep the things slowly like by taking out the ingredients out of fridge, clean it, etc. Then slowly I just end up making my breakfast.

Helfried P.
I have the same problem. Although I am an online student, I don’t have the energy to make breakfast. So, I normally make myself a bowl of cereal, oatmeal, grits, etc. For me this is my great breakfast because I normally don’t eat breakfast. Also depending on the breakfast, you could also prepare your breakfast the night before.