Toughest part is doing it on weekends also

Leon U.
True! Little things, like drinking water, are just part of waking up now. Exercise, though—I try to make weekend exercise something I look forward to. Maybe a long run I wouldn’t have time for on a weekday, or biking with friends.

Mars B.
I've been struggling with an eating disorder for years and I can barely get through this habit without shaking. Are there any tips for making it easier while it stays nutritional? (i.e.; it's not just gummy vitamins)

Jacob C.
No I think once you are committed then you won't care what day it is you will feel that you get to do the challenge because it is part of your routine.

Brett F.
No, the toughest part for me is during the week as im rushing to get out of the house and have less time to get everything done

Clara N.
Yes that is true, a lot of times I have to do the tasks in wrong times I marked on my agenda because I was doing other things on the weekends