When do you prep for breakfast?

Alec X.
Usually I prep breakfast right before I eat it. I’m used to having waffles, bagels, etc.. with more involved items like eggs, breakfast sandwhiches, and pancakes, yeah there is some cooking. However breakfast isn’t as complicated let’s say a pork roast or a salmon, nor should it be!

Mona Z.
Half hour after I wake up. My body wakes up and before breakfast I make my to do list and do some journaling and than I go to make my breakfast and eventually eat it.

Emily O.
Usually when I've been awake for an hour or more and there is a couple hours or more til lunch, this text input is horrible I have to type extremely slowly in order for it to pick up what letters I'm putting in

Lucille R.
Whenever I feel like it. I know it’s important to follow a routine but sometimes, introducing variety can keep things interesting.

Desiree T.
I prep for breakfast around 12 or 1 on the days that I have school. The days I have work I don’t really have time for breakfast I just grab and go and on my off days when ever I decide to wake up is when I prep for breakfast.

Mike P.
Depending on what you want to eat. Potatoes are great for chopping and par boiling up to three days in advance so that you can just drop them in the skillet in the morning.

Baptiste O.
Right after I have washed and deessed myself. If I have to do something after eating, I eat fast and then my stomach is a mess, so I need to be calm.

Laura G.
I try to prep of a night for at least 2 days worth. On days I am at home for breakfast with my son I find I pick while I make something, therefore I TRY to prep for those days more than any other so that don't mindlessly consume.

Natalia E.
After i wake up and use some social media, i start to make my tea and go to the bathroom, wash my face and while the tea is cooling down, i stretch my arms and hands and massage my body

Deodato Z.
I usually prepare for breakfast in the morning after I wake up and while I’m getting dressed. I find letting myself decide the morning of let’s me feel “excited” or more willing to eat.