What do you eat when you don’t have time for a regular breakfast?

Mandy O.
When I do not have the time for a regular breakfast , I eat a granola bar or an apple or a fruit but I always try to avoid sugary snack for breakfast . Too much sugar is not really good during breakfast time.
Yashna T.
I usually have bread, a banana with tea as a regular breakfast but when i don’t have time for it, i usually eat some cereals and a glass of water
Sohan Z.
You can prepare you’re breakfast the day before for example something like oats and chia seeds. These are full of protein and with the right toppings they taste good. You can google on how to make them its super easy. Have a good day
Valentina N.
Breakfast is the most important part of my morning routine, so it’s very rare that I skip it or don’t have time for it. In the rare occasion I don’t have time, I either have breakfast in a cafè near where I have to be, or I bring with me a couple biscuits or some fruit.
Terry Q.
I usually order Uber eats and have it delivered to work. Very wasteful regarding my money. However, if I was in a pinch and I just wanted to grab something little to eat, it would probably be a bagel or cereal.